Realme 6i Launched Coming Soon in Nepal

Realme 6i Launched Coming Soon in Nepal

Realme 6i Launched Coming Soon in Nepal the company is already adding to the series with the all-new Realme 6i. The device was unveiled today and will launch in Myanmar next week. The Nepalese market at a price of NPR 20,990. So, we can expect the Realme 6i to land in Nepal sooner. It will be the most affordable option in the Realme 6 series when it launches later this month.

It has very much feature we should learn to check it out. Its design and display were by popular Japanese industrial designer Naoto Fukasawa, who claims that the design improves the relationship between the user, the device and the surrounding environment. Its camera is 48MP with a degree of 119 and a B&W portrait lens, and a 4cm macro lens.

Its battery is 5,000mAh capacity. It’s based on Andriod 10 version for an upgrade to see it. It comes it an upcoming day with valuable price into a market place in Nepal which would able to purchase this phone device for use. There is also video into available find in a youtube channel as well it.


Realme 6i Specifications

Display 6.5-inch IPS Display
Resolution HD+
Chipset MediaTek Helio G80 (12nm)
CPU Octa-core (2x 2Ghz Cortex-A75 + 6x 1.8Ghz Corte-A55 )
GPU Mali G52
Memory Configuration 4/128GB, 3/64GB
Software & UI Realme UI on top of Android 10
Rear Camera
  • 48MP primary lens
  • 19-degree Ultrawide lens
  • B&W Portrait lens
  • 4CM Macro lens
Front camera 16MP sensor, f/2.0
Security Fingerprint Scanner (rear-mounted)
Audio 3.5mm jack
Connectivity Wi-fi, Bluetooth, Type-C,
Battery 5,000mAh with 18W Flash Charge
Sensors Light, Proximity, Gyro
Color Options Green Tea, Milk White

This is the information on the specification of Realme 6i which launching coming soon in Nepal. The company will tell it might be launch into next week’s further update information. The model of phone is Realme 6i (4/128GB) for Rs 26,000 and Realme 6i (3/64GB) for Rs NPR 21,500 This one is a fixed price rate they have mentioned it.

iPhone did not support Telecom’s 800MHz band forgery

iPhone did not support Telecom’s 800MHz band forgery

iPhone did not support Telecom’s 800MHz band forgery is expanding its 3G service through the frequency of 1800MHz and 800MHz bands. Among them, the company is offering a forced service at 800 MHz, but the problem is not running on the iPhone. But it seems different between 1800 MHz and 800 MHz similar different on the network.

It may not support my phone’s mobiles, but there are many problems with iPhones. But in Nepal, much is going on in the iPhone market, but even so, people are not talking. Nepal Telecom should be aware of this and apply it. There are opinions that go on and on, and not on 3G and 3G, but there are a lot of things to look for when buying an iPhone.

While minor things have worked with Franchise, there is a lot of talks. People say ‘Ifon’. The official said the problem will be resolved soon. The problem was solved by applying to Apple after Telecom first launched the Forget service and found that it did not operate on the iPhone.

But people want to buy an iPhone but they don’t know what feature inside on device to know it well for it. But some people who have used it already will know it well for it. For this link to know under Nepali languages to clear to know it well for it. They can be understood for well what similarities between an MHz have to see it.

Things don’t happen at all, but they are taken and the chompers do. Look at the link I gave you, everything is in Nepali and it is easy for you to post it. Some of the frequency rangers wouldn’t able to support it. But in some cases the teams have been work it out.

COVID-19 Trending postal on Social Media

COVID-19 Trending postal on Social Media

COVID-19 Trending postal on Social Media because have make it out this hashtag about the coronavirus to mention on it. Since few ago i have been see a coronavirus for hashtag trending post happen to see it. Each and every place they have a posted it out it that one. Day by day it will be increase number people have effect this virus spread it.

Even our neighbouring country of india there is alot of people were death it. Update as news channel of international. Yesterday i have check it out mention country like malayasia, france, united kingdom, singapore etc we have lock it down their school, hotel and business for shutdown it. Even i prime minister of donald trump he have mention our vacine will be update within day people have working on it. As US president have told it.

If this happen continue whole part of country they never control it. Such of people will be listen increase in live update to see. Whole country of boarder will be close and economy sector has close it. Even there is many loses number of pasanger into a airport side. They have try to make to open on it.

Some of political leader will have effect coronvirus country they have make it target to check it out from doctor for a special place to look it. Government has been notice out they wouldn’t able to go outside place which they have bring a material into their home. We needs a take mast to wear it after you going outside place. What happen going on develop country they haven’t make madicine or vacine for a people to control it.

Big doctor have ask into live talk into television information of vacine. They try to make news flash to share into channel through world wide. They are try to research it. Donald trump already ask to doctor about how expansive price of vacine you have mention on it. Doctor are also worrier to stop to control to people as safe it. If they have control automatic ended it this virus through out world.

Stay to be safe from virus and if feels it then you call mention number government have tell it. Even as nepal they also mention a number into social media to share it. We have stay safe from coronavirus and try to share informal people another one it.