Happy Birthday To you Amir Khan

Happy Birthday To you Amir Khan

Happy Birthday To you Amir Khan he turned it now 55-year-old right from today. He was born in 1965, march 14. He lives still right now Mumbai city of India. He is an actor in Indian cinema industries to run up to thirty-year to move on his journey on it. He got married. He has own children into his family. He starts a journey that was good and nice to such memories moment to miss in a past life.

Even a lot of people were wishes him for his birthday today. He will be gonna celebrate with them on it. He will plan to his fans based on the social media side from side. When I look to open Facebook I see his birthday which official page of link they have update it. Then I want to also wish from my efforted side to bless with as a fan-based on it.

I wish for you is that you continue to love life and never stop dreaming. May beauty and happiness surround you, not only on your special day but always. Because today is a special day simply sending birthday wishes, wouldn’t do. So I’m sending you a day when all your dreams come true and, a year that means the most to you.

I hope so I will be more upcoming plan will be fulfilled on it. You will be made always god bless to you, amir khan. I hope your dreams come on truth. It will be success in your life.



My Saturday blog Story Part 8

My Saturday blog Story Part 8

My Saturday blog Story Part 8 which I wake up at early at a moring time at 6am. After I wake up from the bedroom I take to wash my face and I take some water also too. After I had done it I need to eat some biscuits I going to market for buying it there. Then come own home and take tea to eat them.

We were on scooters in the Arabs when they were gone towards their home. Gone from And I used to be angry with us and how much that anger makes sense in our hearts, but it never does. And that’s what father did to make a big jar on a small thing. Jelly also cries when mommy and I get a little older in a jagged house. There is no peace at home.

He went to Chowk again and came to the house again and we were on the way to the Arab he was keeping in mind. And that’s what went on with anger. And we have gone to the farm. And the land was supposed to pass but had taken her and we didn’t find that there was a bulldog on the way, we took her and went again. The other person is what we say to the other person.

And when it was day, the midwife came. And talk of money has gone into the house. Demand with taking Binita, with the end, demanded that the aunty Vira was less and that I had put it in father’s pockets.

When I went down to the farm the brother was losing work. And they were living like this. He had given the brother gameplay. And others enjoyed the Internet. And we ate in the upper house and there and sit down for a while.

It was about the day Bikram Engineer was sitting on the floor, but. And we have gone to Lekhnath on the side of the father. This is done by finishing the job and going home. And again Hemja was gone so he went home by work. I ate breakfast before going to Hemja The house was built by the mother. We had a snack for tea.

Starting Chaitra first Day of Month

Starting Chaitra first Day of Month

Starting Chaitra first Day of Month which as Hindu Nepali calendar has this month of end to close to complete 12 months in a year. Today is the first day of Chaitra month which people haven’t known it well for it. As English, it will be run to half of march and half of April month to see it. Only 15dayd before and 15 days after month happen to see it.

As this month is as board exam of SLC school those who have on class 10. They have to go to another school with own school dress to take an exam there with an identity card. As the whole school it will be close as a holiday for week. Under this time have happy to enjoy to enter a new class also too.

Under this month some of the festival pujas will celebrate it. As I know there is Chaitra Dashain has to celebrate it this month. Some of the people of a family were also a plan to visiting a place to travel it and also enjoy it there. This is only 30days to complete a month. April month the people have made it fun with another person while happen to see 1st if April. There is also an April fool month on this Chaitra as an English calendar.

Some of the people made it a new house starting to make a house at a being. They haven’t trust a religious status to make it. Some people have trust in religion to make it. This month we have wings flow to dust of land happen to see. Even we have felt as summer season to starting on it. We cannot stay in the sun this month.

I hope this month also be past it and let’s see how much spend a day with going on it. Let’s welcome a Chaitra first day to all. I will listen to good news to happen to see in the world with they have faced coronavirus totally stop this month also too.

Happy to People comment under my Website

Happy to People comment under my Website

Happy to People comment under my Website which I daily visiting those who love and see an update which type of story they have waiting on it. There is a lot of people have to see some amazing and good comment from people from an international way to see. When the people will come into my website they are trying to see many posts.

I am also happy to see those who give the correct mention part which under paragraph line were wrong to see it there. You must be correct it there. But some people it badly to read it out and make it them replied there. But while the visiter sees a post for reading it out the article to mention a point from there. But the people haven’t read it there.

It just looks only an image to see. An important part of the point cannot read it well just needs only a focus point for the update to check it there. Even I’m also the small user to make reach those people in the world. I just a good website for blogging to share to update to all people. While I check it out people and feedback really try to make more and more posts to update it.

Make user people were also happy to comment on my website. There is no copyright content text having to read it. Just mention part of point must be copied. It’s very difficult to know it writes an article to share for all visiter. Please comment as a new post which you want to make me happier on it there.

Upcoming I will be happy that lover and fans to check it for wait for see to post under on it. While read it comment from people I need comment immediately way to replied it there. But some cases I went on outside from which there is no internet connection on it there. That case hasn’t read it there. Such a great person of people always support it.