What to do if 100 person has a corona infection

What to do if 100 person has a corona infection

What to do if 100 person has a corona infection While registering a proposal of public importance to Parliament, the Government of Nepal had to inform the House, the citizen should be informed of what was being prepared in relation to the risk of contagion. The government should look very good at its expense. When it is planted, it is advisable to take any initiative. We have to inform people about this. In Nepal, once a hundred people are taken, it is very difficult to do so.

  1. Preparation of hospitals

The more tested the corona infection is, the more reliable the information becomes. If we use the Biosafety Level (BSL-3) and two other private labs, we can do more than 1200 tests a week. It just needs to regularly check those who have faced this infection. The doctor should be available for any time to check up person it there.

2. Let’s keep a travel record

Let’s keep a travel record in which people who place how much people should be travel one place to another place to move it. After Corona’s infection spread around the world, the government said it should not hold meetings and not celebrate Holi with color. Many people come to the meetings, who do not know who they met. It is not known who met Holi when he was out on the road and playing Holi.

3. The severity of the problem was not felt

We are shaking, shaking the government. The government should work urgently to minimize the problem. For the budget needed for the pre-construction work, we need to look at where to reduce the current expenditure and tell the citizens that they will do so by cutting the cost.

This is such a type of effect those who meet people in a public place. The government must be follow up and keep update data records that person on each and every city area to control them. This will notice whole Nepali people they will try to make it a lot about this virus.

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I just point those step by step to follow up which people will know about this. They will check it those content to read it well for it. Such people try to know those Nepali people. Yes, I also agree those to understand it well for it. Visit it above mention link for details on Nepali languages to read it.

Heavy Rock Stone River in Tanahu

Heavy Rock Stone River in Tanahu

Heavy Rock Stone River in Tanahu while I travel time to going that place in the morning time. I cross carpenter pool to cross with pass difficult to cross that pool which only bike and scooter were going to cross from that pool in Tanahu while going to lilachowk. I haven’t seen this heavy rock stone inside to pass the water of the river inside the hole of heavy stone to flow there.

It was also a very frightening pool to look at and it is easy for people to enjoy. There is a wooden pool. In between, there were even pools and easy scooters. I was also scared for a while. And I’ve also done a little video chat. I will share the link. You probably see that. I had seen that fava pond on the bottom, also towards the plant. Such was the most interesting stove I saw in Devil’s Fall.

It may be difficult to find people if they are found inĀ  Bomuro. The look was Darna. I had a small photoshoot. The name of that place doesn’t layer well with me either. Cross the bridge to go to Lilachowk. I was also wondering if today’s blog should post so that people have the opinion to be mournful. It is better ripened below the pool than the other ones in the pool below.

There was a man who had crossed the pool and in the middle of the promise was the same. Crossed the cross and went cross again. I was also shocked that people were scared to be in such a pool. But that pool has to be rebuilt, not by people but to wash it. Something to do for them. People are looking for a quick way out. It will go down Dulegauda on its way to the River Side.

Visiting Lilachowk Tanahu at Today

Visiting Lilachowk Tanahu at Today

Visiting Lilachowk Tanahu at Today which I travel at that place for rice millwork with my father there. There is a difficult road have seen it there. Low caste of people was run this business to run it this rice mill there. The old person was sold to him there. They have to bring new machinery items from Bhanu machinery since a few days ago.

Since the morning time, there was the weather was foggy day happen to see it. While we travel from own scooter over from Pokhara to that place to move it there. It was quite cold this morning as there was a scooter on the road that was also closing the road. The path was not good. And in some places it was good too, but going to that place was like a house. They have the opinion of a new pool bun. Now that the leopard is open that way we will also be easier in the long way.

Now, this is the way in the village. And the party people will also grow. When we got to that place it was a bit dark. The morning is due to the cold. And we ate it within hours. And dinner is in the house of the brahmin. That guy had been there before too. We have to eat that man well.

That guy is supposed to go to the farm in the daytime and work on himself is now the season of corn. People tend to go to the farm. After a while, Baba took a rest and I did the rest for a while and we too were done. It was twelve o’clock in the day. When we got off the scooter. This morning’s fast travel blog was like this.

Patthar Village to visit of Kaski

Patthar Village to visit of Kaski

Patthar Village to visit of Kaski is a beautiful place of nepal which people were lives on it. Since i received that place on yesterday at afternoon time. There is too much hot at summar. Under this village there is also one rice mill to give better service to whole village people. Near place of highway is there also another rice mill over it there.

You can see a green cultivated land which people have product of agriculture on land. Near side of house you can have see a rice mill inside on home. Since long time we went to going it that place. This village is located on pokhara-baglung highway within 5 minutes going to that rice mill.

Some of house were make under maintaince on it. Some people were also cut a grass with animal at home which they have a make milk over into own home. This area of annapurana ward no located it. There is divsion of place where government had made it. Different place of name different ward to check it out.

We have checking a machinery part to slove it there. Rest of that person going outside from that home with near place to meet someone person on another house. That brother will sitting own home we call to him. He bring a key to open inside home which mention on photo. Such a difficult name of village which people know it them.

My father check it out it that machinery part. Everythings were fine and one work were remain while he comes on next time under that located for his work field time for next. I like this see ever green into landscape see it. I’m happy to share you mention under this place. That a main reason i have visiting it there.