Sometimes I got tries with Work

Sometimes I got tries with Work

Sometimes I got tries with Work since yesterday we have done work hard on his farther work field to go there. Even we have going into Lumley place for the workplace of next place to going it there. On the day we have on Pokhara to make a buy a generator to load into a jeep. We spend on more time to have to shit on it.

While you can try you cannot make it hard work on it. But tries case I cannot stay anymore into the bedroom on it. Such a work hard happens today I cannot stay anymore on tv side. Most of sleep into  bed. Two place i move on with my scooter. Due to the lack of road were off-road to see it. Road under maintenance on it.

Air pollution happens to see it due to offroad to see it. Some parts of difficult to ride a scooter as fast. Due to the summer season, it has it. More vehicles here and there to move one place to another place. The upcoming day will be fine on it. When i got tried it i cannot do any work on it. Feels tries to work with a long period of time to see it. Even I got backbone pain to see it.

But cannot stay more with them. Just I sleep into the bedroom then wake up at the time on it. People have tried on it. Such feels as a bored on it. Even i feels also do this. We need to take a rest for a while moment on it. Yesterday I have to go to Lumley then come back at night time at 8pm at Nepali time.

I just ride a scooter also too. Infront I feel cold myself enter in body front. When i got tries i cannot talk anymore those who talk with me on it. But i cannot talk anymore on it. Tries people cannot work into your time to see it. While talk other feels to headache on it. Needs to rest on it. Tries time to make it refresh on it.

Happy International Women Day 2020

Happy International Women Day 2020

Happy International Women Day 2020 today march 8, 2020 every year it has been celebrate this day of women in the world. Women have respect of freedom and right towards make it strong in the world. This year they have a proper satisfy they have improve to make as a strong person of women in the soceity. Only men cannot be strong and also women can be strong in the world.

women while the combination of the colors green, purple and white is meant to represent women’s equality, according to the IWD. Women day celebrate mostly finding in russia country. But this countries have more strike for women. There have no power on women right. Even women gets some to get a right they have a truth right in the rule on it.

Even i listen in the world wide women have a more powerful to make it rule. Even we can touch the women while you haven’t meet a person her. There is seven country the women day will be celebrate as holiday. All of women make to run this earth. If there is not women in this world we have make to see a men happen see around in this world.

Special gulf country there is more strick for women even we cannot look into his face they have strong policy to take action towards him. I hope women will be make more program will collect them. Make them as learn to know. What policy terms and condition they have power right in their countries. Nowadays whole world people have celebrate it not as local holiday as well on it.

Special our country nepel women haven’t got policy to right to take action on it as past year. Nowadays women get powerful to right it. They have right to get judges into have problem. Once more time happy international women for you all people of women. I salaute her as respect in this world.

What your plan in Holi 2020

What your plan in Holi 2020

What your plan in Holi 2020 because upcoming it will be come on it. People will be enjoy it. Some of people will be celebrate with friends and family member also too. I haven’t make a plan under this year. Even i remember on childhood memory on it while play on holi at past life. Every march 9, 10 holi festival will be run into our country.

This two days people will be celebrate on it. From hills side people will be celebrate on march 9. Hope people have plan also too. This year also be bad year because due to corona virus happen to see on those people to seen over world wide too. Even friends tell me holi make them play with and make awesome picture with group.

From my home friends i haven’t like it much time to spend under this holi. But this year police will be control on it. We needs take safe from corona virus. Different place of all celebrities will be enjoy with people there. Even our lakeside they have make a invited to join artist with enjoy a holi with them.

Special from indian people have celebrate this holi with them. This main important part to celebrate on this holi. People have discuss under a plan to make it fun on it. We needs sad news happen see on indian people to listen official to look it. I haven’t make a plan under this holi festival lets see happen into a outside home on holi. I will try to make enjoy this holi forever moment with those people on it.

There is bad people will see on valley side there is group people romaining to take color of put inside into a head of face to see it. Some of people have colorful tatoes not as permantent on it. Even i see face for clear to see while he/she calling to us. Small child person will make them as enjoy with around here and there also too.