My Saturday blog Story Part 7

My Saturday blog Story Part 7

My Saturday blog Story Part 7 which I wake up from early in the morning at 6:30 am at Nepali time which I wake up from my own bedroom. After then I going to own the kitchen to wash my face over it there. Then I take hot water to drink and take a cup of tea. Before taking tea I going to market to eat some item from there. Then I take tea in the kitchen room.

But outside I see happen o rainfall when a night at 2am I listen to this sound in the above it there. Moring rainfall was totally stopped it there. We move towards our own araba place own land. Little rainfall over it that place which we went to arrive that location on it.

It was raining this morning and I had also worked with dad on my own bed in the morning and I had also worked with dad. And it came to pass that day when the bond was cut down, and the thorns were broken up, we came up by the side and the upper parts. At first, I and father were doing it. That money had also come to help us.

We also had a great deal of help. We also had to stop at the same time. And we are weary during the day’s work. And we were up for a bit. It’s all done today. And went upstairs to the house. I went to eat in the house above and we ate dinner too.

And he ate and waited for a while. A man at the house was infected. He was sitting and watching. Why should he take his own money for the sake of living in the faith of others? She is selfish. I did not say that he was a promise.

Today is not the same day as me and my today’s wonderful blog story. We are a caveat for even the lightest people. And people may be crazy to hear that things are going to happen next.


Top 5 News Websites in the World

Top 5 News Websites in the World

Top 5 News Websites in the World which I found into a search they are trending news I have seen it there. This news for worldwide to run to update it. Some of the news I will be mention to you here. There are millions of visitors will be visiting their website daily was based on it. Some parts of the news were also local only happen on see it. There is a lot of websites we have found it.

Top 5 News Website in the World

  1.  Yahoo News link of URL:
  2. Google News link of URL:
  3. CNN link of URL:
  4. BBC News link of URL:
  5. ABCNews link of URL:

This was I mention this website for the top 5 news portal in an international way to check it out that news happens to read it out the article over it there. We have such type of news that will be updated to see check it daily news to happen to look it. Rest of the news I have been finding it out there. But this mention five news website which you can find true news finding it there.


Moring Rainfall in Pokhara Today

Moring Rainfall in Pokhara Today

Moring Rainfall in Pokhara Today march 7 it happen to see on rainfall in outside from my home when i wake up to see outside to already rainfall there. At moring night 2am i listen a sound of drop of water fall. When people will listen this sound then he/she can sleep much more on it.

Nowadays it make it effect of cold to wearing jacket also too. This time corona virus also enter our country nepal also too. Because there is alot of people have cause to listen in media side also too. There is heavy rainfall seen in night moring time. Day day day it comes a rainfall in our home of pokhara side.

Due to favourite climate happen to see a pokhara valley of nepal. But this time we have needs to be safe for it. While make sound of sky you should be close all eletricity iteam which you can charge and cook a food it. But in case of rainfall only then you can do it. Rest of place of road were clean to see. There is dust of happen to see it. Because the dust product inside into a face while ride a scootor that time.

I think your place also see a rainfall react into your location at moring time also too. From my side i have been share to your mention paragraph to clear it there. Whole part of nepal it might be effective rainfall it there. Special in himalaya region it happen to rainfall it there. There is cloudy to see in outside right now.

Without wearing a jacket it feels cold into your body. At this time we have stay safe from your health also too. I like this rainfall react into outside to see even as rainfall drop of water fall in the groud to see it. Right it has been stop it. Lets see what happen to see in day time. Then i will be share to you here under this website for more update on it.