Jivan Joti Rice Mill

Jivan Joti Rice Mill

Jivan Joti Rice Mill which is the location as Annapurna 9, Lumley Kaski. This is the place of Lumley Kaski. Since after a long time I have going it this place to visit it. There also rice mill also for 10years it will run it this business on it. There is one market will hold running it still now. On rice mills, people will become there to make them.

In this mill, people are going to beat the money. You can have those thirteen. People have done this before. And a small problem has come up in the empty mill. And people are going to waste money. You have also set up another mill.

Today is a small take we came to Belka time and a small problem in the there mill. This was done at Bella Rati. And in the sand, we are also. That guy is a lot of fun to me and the work we do is also in that place. It falls on the highway, and so does the man at the shop.

Ricky mills can do a lot of work, and the milled bird works well for its business. We also do our work. Maybe everyone knows, and you probably know. The mill should be inside. I also like the mill. Near the place of people will be going there. Make it better service to from rice mill for visit it their. Most people will give good service to the customer.

Once you can know it this rice mill then you will be going there. Then you release itself on it.

People were working into on land at Araba

People were working on our land at Araba

People were working on our land at Araba which I visiting to see watch people were work or not which person make to doing this work make a house our land. We have already talked with the topic to make a house with whole work provide to him. Since two days ago they have worked there. When I going it that place to a visit there to check it.

There is five people were working to put inside the bucket of jali which put a formal way of doing it. One person pass the stone and another two-person will be put inside a bucket of jali into theirs. I talk that a formal way how many did you have to work it for doing he said.” we have done still today 3days complete for this work”.

I did not even know that we worked for ourselves. And then I got to the bottom for three. And I was also asked to be here. You do what you say you do here. The netting work on the boat was taking place in my yard. Because we are too big in our land, we have to fake it.

Now the whole work of the house is to consider it. Now in about a month, we will start home. The meshwork can be done tomorrow. And there has been talking of the Dojar coming up too. That job had gone all over the ward. And maybe we should go on listening too to see Said.

Was working. The work was done too fast. The work must be done. And you should not distract anyone at work. If distracted, it doesn’t work as well as we do in our upper house. On the day after tomorrow, the Dojar has to come and lay the foundation.


Visit Moraine Lake in Canada

Visit Moraine Lake in Canada

Visit Moraine Lake in Canada is a glacially-fed lake in Banff National Park, 14 kilometers outside the Village of Lake Louise, Alberta, Canada. Its surface elevation is 1,884m. Its max depth is 14m. We can see a rain rainbow trout, Brown trout, Brook trout, Lake whitefish, Mountain whitefish. This is one of the famous lakes in Canada’s place to visit.

There is an available price of the ticket was going to this place to visit it. This is open anythings which you can like to going it. During the summer season, the road will be available to go to it. It is difficult were going on winter season on that location to see it. We can see rocks at the bottom of the lake grind together.

There is beautiful nature were happens to see it that place over to look into hills and forest to enjoy the place. It is also available for the hotel which you can stay there. There is an available hotel price that will mention it. I have a great opinion about what I shared about this place.

And you can enjoy it. People go to such a place and learn a lot about the place. And not so people will develop for the country. Yours is another to stop imagining. You look in the photo and you see the next one.

This place also aboard and local and foreign tourists. The opinion of Reach that people have gone bad in the heat of the season. Because the rod is clean. And someone takes his own private car. The place is absolutely beautiful. Once you know, you are.


Baaghi 3 Film Movie release Today

Baaghi 3 Film Movie release Today

Baaghi 3 Film Movie release Today march 6, 2020 which run into all whole world wide nation into the nearest cinemas hall. There is Tiger Shroff, Riteish Deshmukh and Shraddha Kapoor this an actor shows the main role in this film. This film is directed by Ahmed Khan. Produced by Nadiadwala Grandson. Songs are singing by Vishal–Shekhar, Bappi Lahiri, Tanishk Bagchi, Sachet–Parampara, Rochak Kohli and Pranaay Rijia.

This singer will singing in this movie. They have promote his movie into a different program shows to meet to promote it there. After a long time, its run a trailer happen to see it out. People are worried to watch it this movie today. Ticket was available to watch it out this movie.

There is different place of India which people have already book a ticket shit to go watch this movie. I just request all people they have also going to the cinemas hall to watch it. Celebrities were also be watch it out cinemas hall. I don’t actually ticket price mention to clear with to you here. Different cinemas have different prices to fixed to watch it out.

Pervious blog I just explain a film story to update those people to watch it out this movie on it. Hope the movie will be making more collected money. Film direct invested allot of money to make this film as well it. From Nepal, it was available to check it out near the hall to visit it there and watch it out the movie.

Every Friday film will be release it which people also be free it at weekend time to watch it out movie time with family and friends also too. Some of fans were also waiting to watch it out into cinemas hall. Don’t worry about it a time for watching this movie in the hall. You can seen mention price and time also too. Please support it baaghi 3 and share it to your friends also too.