Salyani Paudel Rice Mill

Salyani Paudel Rice Mill

Salyani Paudel Rice Mill is located on arba-13, Pokhara. This rice mill run before 3year ago. It will be complete the 3 years to machinery to run it that location which provided good service to all people there. He also our relative member to see it. It is a lot of work in the mill. People have also beaten people in the mill to beat the money. It is gone from taking. And people often go to a nearby mill. That’s a good guy somewhere.

It has not been many years, people have to go to that mill and we have to go to the same place to beat the flow. But if we keep it in our house then we have to. Nearby people are made to be easy. If Ricky’s mill was, then the party would go. If Rice Mill beats well, people do things right.

It is a Brammin society if one is done and the other person has done so. One is done by the other. If Rice has his own money in the mill, he is beaten and sold. There is only one vacant mill in our village. And if you know that phone number on Board below is also an opinion. I hope you saw this there. If you need good service from that rice mill let me know your comment below there.

Rice mill gives provided service to all people who need better service for it. Salyani rice mill is very much good rice mill into that area in which people will be visiting it there.

Improvement in Prime Minister Oli health

Improvement in Prime Minister Oli health

Improvement in Prime Minister Oli’s health who was successfully transplanted with kidney on Wednesday is progressively improving, doctors said. Deputy Prime Minister and Defense Minister Ishwar Pokhrel, who reached the hospital to understand about Prime Minister Oli’s condition, said the situation was improving, citing doctors. There is improvement in prime minister Oli’s health to listen on news websites.

Since there is a lot of media of YouTuber they can update a news share into their channel about health updates of the prime minister of oil. Last Wednesday went to goes to the hospital to check up the operation into his health. One female gives him a kidney to the prime minister. Both of them on operation round to check it.

I just pray to him his operation will be the success it. He has told to Nepali people in the Nepali hospital of government hospitals will be check up this part to make a new lesson to learn it. His health will be nice for the proper maintenance of it. The rest of the celebrities were visiting into a hospital yesterday to meet prime minister there.

Some of the media report they should be updated to publish a live update this news on there. Here is the good in health. Here I had to go check out Health’s Abroad. And Rabindra also meets Oli yesterday when I was watching Youtuber and met other friends. Rabindra also said that all the people should be informed that their health should be done in their own country for their own health.

Rabindra also spoke on his program yesterday about Oli’s health. The health here may have been good. And here you are in your own country. Oli’s health looks good, but other political leader parties don’t go abroad. The work done here was done by the media. Another friend did Ollie’s in Sucess about the fall of health.

I hope the prime minister will be fine about this health. People are worried to see it on his health basis to know it. for more details under this URL link.

Find it out the pervious link: Happy Birthday to you Bikal Sigdel


Happy Birthday to you Bikal Sigdel

Happy Birthday to you Bikal Sigdel

Happy Birthday to you Bikal Sigdel he turns now at 19 years old. He was born in the syangja district. he was born in 2057/11/22 B.S at Nepali calendar as I can mention it here. He is also my brother which we can know it well. He still running his study as well. Today his birthday which I will gonna wish to him.

I hope a lot of dreams can come true in your life. I hope your successful plan will be good happen to see in future life. I pray to you always god bless to him. As an English date, if march 5 his birthday date to remember it. A wish for you on your birthday, whatever you ask may you receive, whatever you seek may you find, whatever you wish may it be fulfilled.

Today is the day you were brought into this world to be a blessing and inspiration to the people around you. You are a wonderful person. I hope your true dream will be fulfilled in your life. Even you can also stay always happy and stay healthy.

I want you to reach out and get the work done. Always be happy And if you want to start working somewhere you should ask others. I would give the gift of birth to your home but. Do not be discouraged by what is bad and go the right way. There is a lot to learn in the envelope. What do you think of the day today?

The party of Birthday is not about waking up with alcohol. It’s not about doing that, it’s like calling friends and having a party at home. And you may feel happy. Try it at home

Corona virus happen in India

Corona virus happen in India

Corona virus happen in india The number of people infected with Corona virus in neighboring India has reached 28 people. On wednesday 16 people of tourist they have see a this virus effect it. Of the total 28 infected persons found in India, three from Kerala are claimed to have been cured.

There is six people have cause of corona virus have to see it. Indian media have also screened 5 lakh 89 thousand at Indian airports and 10 lakh at the border of India Nepal so far. There is amout of people were live in a boarder side of india.

Even i look into this news for update by media of indian reporter to update this post to check it out. Out of country people they have to comes into india to spread of virus to enter into their. There will be increase number of people to cause this disease on it. Government will be discuss under this virus to make them as a treatment them.

Even i also shock while i listen this nearest country of india people have this. We needs to safe from this disease. Even they have increase number of people have to listen into a media side for update. They have make plan to control it. PM also be discuss to slove a problem for discuss those people.

India people be safe from this disease. Try to make a mask to wear while you going some place to bring it and visit it. It will be destory it whole nation also too. Please try to control it. Even it will be increase number of volumne to be listen it. They have to plan for discuss under this issue on it. People will be awarness to all.

Hope lets see what happen into under this virus to lastest update to here. I hope it must be control it there. Coronavirus have said to other people to make a safe it. I just a mention of percentage people will effect to seen it.