Stop to Pray for Corona Virus Disease

Stop to Pray for Corona Virus Disease

Stop to Pray for Corona Virus Disease which happens last January month for a cause to spread from china country. This spread happens to start this country. I would like to request those people who are suffering this disease people of worldwide doctor try to control this disease and make them as a medicine for all.

This disease happens seen in South Korea, America, Iran, Bahrain, Middle Europe, China And many more. Special those mentions have effected area to face coronavirus. As those country people, they have also stopped the school and collage also which people will be going here and there. Minimum 67 countries go to this virus. Minimum 89,082 cases and 3057 people were dead in globally.

People have to search for symptoms cause to suffering from this disease. Even the second a minute’s people will be dead day by day increasing the number of people spreading this disease. The US government has to do something to stop this. And where does this stop all over the country? Everything we know about that happened. But people are still dying day by day. The US government has to cure it. Many people are suffering. We too often have to.

Often it is not because we have to go ahead to slow down on how big countries can be cured if we take the test. Due to this virus, people of the country have been killed because their government has stopped. We have to control and control the S from the block.

Second Time Received Cargo At Home

Second Time Received Cargo At Home

Second Time Received Cargo At Home which the main office is located in Kathmandu, Nepal. Since a week ago my sister went to sent a Cargo with their product of clothes and sweet over it. Due to the high amount of weight happen to see it. But she sent it with Cargo to Nepal.

This is the second time that I received myself to doing it. I just going to a previous place which I going it that location on it. But I see to stand into my scooter then I fit it there with rubber backside shit of my scooter. I went to go to slow on it there. Since the office was called at 10am in the morning time.

I went to receive a money from the Bank. After I go forwards on highway road office call me there. I will become it there. I received it immediately told to her at phone call. After finish work on bank, I went to go to that place to receive it.

When I arrived at that place of the office she needs to give a citizenship photocopy with a signature and also phone to write on the billing side. Below mention photo was a bill which office will be given this bill for the receiver person. This office only for gulf country as well it. But I haven’t anymore for details on that office for this.

Finally, slow drive my scooter and make it more break on a scooter. People will be looks towards as well it. When I hole part of the road it’s very difficult to down and makes it fast. While I make a fast speed of scooter it cannot be control itself on it. Slow speed I bring this cargo into my home today.

Remittance Received on Nepal Bank Limited

Remittance Received on Nepal Bank Limited

Remittance Received on Nepal Bank Limited at Bagar, Pokhara. Today I went to the bank into that place to receive that money into my account. I ready before 9:30am at a moring time to the received amount of money from there. There is a near place to received on it. While over 1Lakh cash it automatically transfers to own bank account.

This is the rule of bank whole bank should be follow up it. But other of IME poster it will be received money from there. Yesterday sister sending me money into my name with another Friends Identity card to sending money from that place. Yesterday I try to receive money. If she sent it fast time.

When I ready from my own home. I started a scooter to go to that place of bagar. I enter that bank and received money there. Even I share it license photocopy to there needs to bring money from there. She tells to me tell me a number of who send your money which remit did he/she sent it. I just wait a moment over there. There are needs to make a cash voucher ship to send it there.

I just waiting for a 5minutes the bank isn’t open it yet now. It will be started from 10am to 5am Nepali time. Below mention the image to receive money from a person on it. Even she tell what work you are doing it. I just said I’m doing blogging into my website. I just start blogging on my website.

Every detail she tells me and even as phone number also too. Sometimes needs to full details.on it. After she did everything on paper with a signature from her side. After the finish, I need a received bill to look at it. Which I will share with them online. This is the second time my sister sending money to Nepal from Bahrain.

Air Arabia is not good plan for Flight

Air Arabia is not good plan for Flight

Air Arabia is not good plan for Flight because there are no service facilities inside the plan. We can take our own eat food item itself while travel time somewhere place.g Due to low complain of people those who come from air Arabia airlines. Even I don’t like the airline to move to travel for any place in the country. Special from gulf country.

This plan was available in gulf countryside people can travel there. But the ticket was available to cheap rate to survey any place in which they plan destination place. If you have tried to go this plan then you can feel and realize what happens inside a plan. Under the plan of others, they have provided give dinner and many more items food items they have to give a passenger on a plan.

But there are fewer people were travel into this plan. But ticket available space to finding over it there. But there is no more passenger to shitting on it. I don’t like this airline to travel. Air Arabia searches on Google its fine to see it. But people comment bad plan you come to this plan. Even they haven’t given water to the passenger also too.

But the plan has a large amount of passenger shit to for going on it. I think why the plan isn’t improving to give a service to improve on it. Needs to customer satisfaction while they have a safe landing or safe for travel. It needs more facilities to give people inside a plan while they have sitting on a plan.

Lets me know the people comment those have better well-known about this process to moves on it. I just mentioned that don’t be travel this plan or airline. If you faced traveling under this place then you can feel how the plan was, is it?