My Saturday blog Story Part 6

My Saturday blog Story Part 6

My Saturday blog Story Part 6 I woke up early in the morning. And during the test, I brought my clothes. And for a while, I was on the toilet and I was in the kitchen. They ate water and ate tea. Test Member Since I Woke Up I posted a blog on my own website. And the Araba we had gone to the village was gone. And he went to his base and cut down the tree. And all day long we were busy with that task.

I was working on my own and at times I was also opening my internet. And I was in tension as the sister came to walk we went to Ticket Cancel. And the same was in Tension, and the sister was angry and angry at me. And I also had barley to make daddy angry again at work.

I came with my donor pack. And it took me almost an hour to donate the pack to Ncell. And that data pack was over and I had gone to the upper house to eat breakfast, and everyone had a meal together and it was fun. I was talking to Baha with the people there, but now I have to talk to you.

Yesterday was the day when Jairus went. And I did it on such a day. My Excellency’s Blog Story went to this. You might like this, I wrote it myself. I hope my Saturday blog story part 6 was nice to see it here.

Received Money from remittance on Kumari Remit

Received Money from remittance on Kumari Remit

Received Money from remittance on Kumari Remit which I go on moring time at 10am. Since yesterday sending money from remittance from Bahrain country with another person of CPR Cardholder sent it. Today I received that money from the nearest branch office of kumari bank limited on Pokhara valley.

When I arrived on kumari bank limited from Arava place with my scooter going it that place. I direct entry into a bank I just deposited cash with into my account. After finish again I going to enter the next room to share a number to fill up their voucher and give a license over it there. She did a photocopy of the license card there.

The money I got from the other guy’s name was also made up of friends I knew. And I also gave my number and I named my place. And it was a while in the bank. It was all yours and a man had his own business and we had to pay for it because of that. And the bird made a light cave with the sun’s head and was sitting for a while.

And then it was my turn and I got a test blog and then I went to the ward and I got a small blog post on it and I posted a blog and then I started running again. And the higher side came. And we were in the market for a while.

Today I have made money. Kumari Remit is also very good service. And things get faster too. And then I got out of my bank. Even easier, if a lot of money comes in, it can be transferred to your bank in the meantime. It is easy to get into the account of one million rupees if you have money. This is the rule of the bank.

Bad weather Today in Pokhara

Bad weather Today in Pokhara

Bad weather Today in Pokhara march 1, 2020 which I see an afternoon I change weather happen to see over into the sky side. Try to rainfall at the moment. But we don’t know what happens now in a Pokhara side. Some days really bored to see it. Right now the weather is like this.

I just capture this photo from ward no 13 near of ward office of government which I sitting own scooter. Make it an article about this blog to update to you. Weather makes it bad for me and day time really bored happen it. Even I’m at my scooter with going to own home if rainfall action to fall in land.

I see people around in ward office in which different people were working on the office side. There is a fixed time to start rainfall in Pokhara. I feel really cold myself while I ride my scooter to going for any place of Pokhara. Even I haven’t worn clothes of the jacket for warm into my body side. Only a single jacket I have wearing.

Time to time I mention weather happen to see it. Even somebody people like this weather to listen to a sound of rain fall with a drop of water to see it outside the valley side. Nowadays it comes to the summer season will look at it. We cannot stay in the sun we can take an umbrella to take it.

If rainfall happens we can open an umbrella on a right time on it. Little bit see a sun raise over on sky while i look it there. But outside feels to what happen it Sunday blog of Pokhara. Which today is the first date of march month to happening to look it.

Welcome to March Month 2020

Welcome to March Month 2020

Welcome to March Month 2020 is the third month of the year and named after Mars in both the Julian and Gregorian calendars. It will be 31days to run it out of this month. On March 1, it has to make to come a summer season started it. This is a third month of the year which comes from February ended and comes a march month.

This march month if effect to see a summer season happens on the Nepal side. In the northern part of the country, it might make a spring season. I’m really to welcome a march month to share it here. March makes me more interested in things that can be done. This month make larger days happen to see it.

This month was to travel some place to move to survive in a different country. Some of the people have married ceremony which people have a make them. Some people have also an anniversary. After this month I might be a plan to see a different place to visit it.

Under this month I see various types of green will be changed as new. When people can be trusty to drink cold water to drink it. This season of the month moves to travel somewhere else to visit it. People have made a new plan to start a new business to started it. Some people in the company will managed to offer in their service also too.

I hope it will be going to an awesome and amazing month happens to see it. I hope I will try to reach more amount of targets to reach a point on it there. I hope this month of march 2020 makes it a lot of chance into your life also too. Hope you will remember it I wouldn’t forget a moment of my life they have to tell it.

Let’s see what happens to see a day to past it. I will try to update on daily based under this month. If any interest things which I meet a new person then I make to share here under this website to share it more info to you here. March month make a good and nice for me.