Khaka Village of FadiKhola Syangja

Khaka Village of FadiKhola Syangja

Khaka Village of FadiKhola Syangja which I travel today at the afternoon time ride starts from Pokhara to syangja place to go it there.  There is a minimum of 1hour to received that scooter ride with myself on it. There is a small village I have seen while going to that place to move on there. Due to some village like to see a peaceful environment for going to relaxing it.

Such type of place I want to travel there. Finding a new source of income people were doing it there. It also made me feel good when I arrived. And I also said that I do a little blog about the place, and believe that you will be level if I upload my selfie photo. And I also did rayon’s blog on my blog. And the weavers are level as to why they have been there for what reason.

The small machineries have been in the works. Teh Machinari is the new fit. And because of that, it took a lot of time. And we were all working together. Boine was also served tea from time to time. We also ate tea. And that is what happens in the village. Everything happens slowly to that level of thought. And there is no fold.

He is believed to have been saying that he was Fadikhola at first. There is known by another name, the party is known as Khaka Village. They were way too oops. Scooter mage people in that place But I didn’t have the video available. Just the same I just posted on my blog post.

Visiting in Kalikathan place of Lekhnath

Visiting in Kalikathan place of Lekhnath

Visiting in Kalikathan place of Lekhnath was gone this morning on the scooter in the place and had gone well in the morning had been carrying the same. Me and Father I went along. And I also did light work with Dad at that place and you also have Rice Mill in there. The road to The is believed to be a little better and now it will be just like the Soon Bazaar. And I like that place.

There was a small problem in the Rice Mill. Yeah, the money is on the way overseas. And the woman has a trick. And Rice did it himself at the mill. And while doing so, you have a lot to wear. And we went on scooters in the morning which was easier. And I did help.

I was near the airport when I went to that place. And I also wanted to take a photo, but Dad was not able to do it. I also took photos of that place. And for that, I say sorry to everyone. And when I there, the photo was taken. That’s the vacant mill in the house I saw in my hand.

If you know the empty mill, the woman will do the trick and the empty mill is fine. And when he reached the top of the place, he found the Rice mill. Rice Mill that happens in the place I had gone to bed very much at the place where Aly selfied her photo so everyone was level.

Congratulations Prakash Paswan for new Baby Boy

Congratulations Prakash Paswan for new Baby Boy

Congratulations Prakash Paswan for new Baby Boy which you have another new member will be added into your life ahead. Hope you are happy to seen this baby on it. He is one of good friends which he have share to me here social media side. Prakash paswan is also a youtuber. He try to work happen in his land.

He is my friends to see it. God bless to your baby boy and happy moment to see it. Even you are happy while see this. He and me connect from youtube channel since as long time we have connected on whatsapp. He try to make a help to me. He also a make a blog video of youtube channel.

Some few week ago i call to him he said to me i got my new family added into my home to make a family. I got an baby enter into my house he said it that then i will be happy a moment. Hope he will be stop everythings to make family growth stop it. One boy and one girl were limit into a family member needed it.

When i looks his baby which i sent me an picture to for see it. So cute baby and have a new born baby to see in the hospital side. Baby got some effect of disease suffer as well as mother also. They have stay more then a week. The baby was born on february 12 in the nearest hospital which prakash paswan were going it in hospital.

Hope your family a good and nice family status were see it. I pray to your family keep stay a beautiful smile and happiness comes into your life. Be careful towards a health and be stay safe.

Nepathya Live Concert in Kathmandu

Nepathya Live Concert in Kathmandu

Nepathya Live Concert in Kathmandu on february 29, 2020 which located on Bhrikuti Mandap Garden. Nepathya is the biggest and famous singer in Nepal which they have perparate a live concert in different city of Nepal. There 1days left to purchase a ticket from eSewa. Ticket were available it now on eSewa. If you like to interest in live performance to see you should be purchase a ticket.

Nepathya is the popular band of Nepal which he collect millions of fans to collect towards his journey for success to performance live in different place. It shows will started on 6PM. The gate will available open on 4:30PM on Nepali time. The ticket purchase is Rs 1250 with discount rate is Rs 900 to enter to buy it.

If you fans of nepathya band you will be sure visiting it there. They to see a face in real life to see it. There is have a lot fans will be visit it that located for going to see him there. Every part of country this band will goes to live performance to do it. I like this band also too. I also be fans of him singing tone and style to performance in stage to look it.

Some of songs were too much memory part to touch to heart to feels it. Even people also be worrier to buy a ticket from eSewa account. If they have listen to see it then will be visit it. Don’t to buy this ticket from eSewa account. While you goes that place ticket will already close it. All of his songs were good for listen it very nicely.

Even i’m kathmandu i will be try to going that place to move on it. But one things remember it you must be careful those people who want fight with to you. Keep enjoy a program and keep meet to him. Rest of people of kathmandu they can be buy this ticket for going it live performance of nepathya to see it.

This information share to know it. Keep continue to buy a ticket to check it out performance live shows. Nepathya will be comes on it. They have love and support to comes there also too. They have always record his journey moves on it. Hope you will join it there and keep enjoy it.