Congratulations Nishan and Yunika Happy Married Life

Congratulations Nishan and Yunika Happy Married Life

Congratulations Nishan and Yunika Happy Married Life today is the day of which we have to join it this invite to accept to join it. After the next blog of the next post which I have been doing to write it. Both of them have another next journey move ahead into their life to start it. When the people were going for married all new clothes were happens to see it.

Today is a day which weather effect to seen this married time which I going it that location on it. Even we have eaten a launch in talchowk Pokhara which place of name mention by lekhnath. There is a party place which will be done there. Just we must invest the amount of money there. They will be managed well for it.

While I eat a launch time I have seen very many people have a line to stage on it. Then my turn also is come in and take it food it there. While I’m thinking into every married invitation shall I also be a married couple at this right I think into my mind myself.

Every person has a chance to come in but some people have come fast and some people have late coming into this married stage period of time. While you going to it a certain period of time which age I must be passed to cross a 24 above its ready for married on it.

I hope both of the days of the moment which you think as February 26 months it’s a time of love spread of month happen to see it. You will be remembered on this day into the upcoming anniversary day of the first time which complete 365days. Nowadays it is also a fashion show in a market to see on the social media site.

People were much more happy to see it they make it fun and enjoyable to married time to see it. Even I feel awesome and great to see it there. Even I happy to join it this married life to see in a real one to see it.

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Amulchor Arba place i visit Today

Amulchor Arba place i visit Today

Amulchor Arba place I visit Today which at a moring time to going that location to going it there. We have the plan to going to that place for some work happen to check up the machinery on rice mill house. He has called the phone in since moring time at 7am with my father’s mobile phone. Still continue the rainfall happens to see in this moring time.

There is seen very perfect and clean weather happen to see it. Due to the rainfall, the effect to see such a beautiful place to see it. Sometimes I make it to feel cold this winter. Nowadays rip high for cold season affect the person of people in different places of Nepal side.

While we arrive at that location in the morning we take some time to talk with that person to know it well. He has told it the right problem asking towards a machinery part. We have check up there. There is a full line happen to see it there. We can contact the office of NEA he telling problems over them.

After telling everything to the office they will become into their location to make slove a problem under it there. We have left that place to move towards his home to talk for sometimes on it. I take a launch time over that place. Then I take a small selfie over that place for blogging to share.

I hope you will be seen very serious to check it out blogging post here. Really I visiting that for a long time with my scooter ride over that place. I hope you will be share this post on it. Next time I will tell it more and more about it. My visit blog was good and nice to read it out well.

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