Travel Blog of Naudanda Kaski

Travel Blog of Naudanda Kaski

Travel Blog of Naudanda Kaski I visiting that place at 2pm at day time went from Pokhara to naudanda place with my scooter ride there. My father and I were going to that place to visit it. There is some interesting blog over that location to see it. Their weather is bad to see today. When I cross the road of Sarang Kot place I feel to much cold winds force towards in front of the body part to feels cold it.

When he arrived at the place it was quite cold. And people didn’t have much of a road either. And as you can see, this is the photo I went to in my photo. I’ve just edited it. And I’ve put in my photo of the scooter. And with a small job. It was quite cold in the winter.

Today was such a day about winter because I didn’t want to do anything. And you might have been in the same place all day. And it was so cold in my place. If this happens in the summer season, then the winter must be gone. While we were there, we were working. I take tea and I also take a biscuit with tea.

I ate a lot of tea in the winter. And the big dad went to the house and ate tea. And the big daddy has to like me too. And so did I. That’s the place they worked. The work was done in the house of Sakhayera, who had gone to the big daddy’s house.

My travel blog today is like this. How are you guys I have made you a good citizen too? You might forget. I’ve also shared your tips.

Fitting New Masala Mill in Birauta

Fitting New Masala Mill in Birauta

Fitting New Masala Mill in Birauta which new machinery was selling from Bhanu machinery supplier from Pokhara. Since she brought it out this India dauda to make service from to the people to daily needs on it. This place is located as birauta place into the inside of the near school side to see this mill.

It will be maintained it soon for service to the people over that place on it. This is near from birauta chowk to bring that location on it. But I don’t know the correct mention location in which people will know it well for it. The second picture color is red to see into an image to see that masala will need it.

This spice went to the mill today, the new one is going to be added. We have also completed the work. And you see it in the photos. And I also did a blog on my blog called Small Seas Hot. And the spice mill is also in many places. People are also doing it for themselves.

Other people do it for their business. And people would go to the nearest place and go to the mill. And your service is great. And I have to say about S too. And things get better when things happen.

CAN info Tech pokhara 2020

CAN info Tech pokhara 2020

CAN info Tech pokhara 2020 which held on february 23 to 27, 2020 in pokhara at NayaBazar. This program will run only 4days to make some offer and service related with different price to mention it. There is assiocated by Worldlink at this Year. Even i have miss to going this place for visit there. Every year people have run it this program into their.

There is different market were enter on that hall to sell a product. Sometime we needs to be learn somethings news for it. We needs a technical knowledge from there. While you visiting that place you should have own idea to explain that festival or program on it. Different company to network side were happen to seen it.

CAN info bring more tech info provider to the people they have test to know it. You can any question with a good deal over that place. This year people have certain amount of will visiting it there. Pervious i have been visit that place for some price to received from esewa which they have launch a contest in esewa user.

If people will know any offer happen on there he/she should to buy it product on there. You can seen a image finding a poster around into amarsigh with i taken my mobile device to capture this image on it. Even i forget it that which i will be update to under into my website yesterday.

This have been already started it. Today is very bad day to for going people on that place since moring time effect of rainfall. Even i also try to going that place but i’m unable to going that place on it. Can info bring such of technical knowledge to look into there. Even you can find a eletronic device to buy it.

There is discount on material which you can anythings under that festival for visiting it their. Don’t miss chance for going it that place today. There is remain 2days left it will be close this offer also too. Even worldlink have make offer of new customer connection into home and office also too.

Rainfall Moring on Hemja Pokhara

Rainfall Moring on Hemja Pokhara

Rainfall Moring on Hemja Pokhara which i wake up form moring time at 6pm. After we move on hemja for work place to there. There is small amount water rainfall happen to see it. But pervious its totally sun raise it early moring but today december 25, 2020 got again rainfall in pokhara. Its make a feels cold for myself on it.

Even it will ve distrub all product of agriculture field area also too. In hemja people have cultivated a potato in their own land to run business market that time which festival were run in every year. Even i’m on Hemja place pokhara. I just on rice mill house to sitting it there.

While we come from own home it will be little little drop of water rainfall shows effect on it. But now its totally rainfall happen on it. Over a sky surrounded by cloudy not able to see a sun on it. I like a such of rainfall around to listen a sound of drop of water falling into a land and road to flowing a water.

This is a moment of my life which we i want to share information to all people about weather update for you. Even while rainfall happen on it i direct write an article to mention to all people on it. Some people still sleep on bedroom to feels warm on bedroom. Most of people those who travel to some place it might be distrub of rain which they have going on distination place.

Such a amazing rainfall to see a moring time on hemja. I would be thankful myself to start writing this article to you all. Still non-stop rainfall effect to seen today. I will more mention to your for more information under this post to next post to you.

Senti Virus Movie of Nepali Film

Senti Virus Movie of Nepali Film

Senti Virus Movie of Nepali Film which was held on february 21, 2020. Since last week friday this film will be release it. This is one of comedy film movie of Nepali People those who want to enjoy this movie in nearest cinemas hall. This film is director by Rambabu Gurung.

Actor name in this role is Dayahang Rai, Kumar Kattel, Rajaram Poudel, Buddi Tamang, Wilson Bikram Rai, Kamalmani Nepal and Suryamala Khanal. This is the main role was doing this movie to play it out. As director making it work hard to make this movie to run it whole Nepal.

Still the movie ticket were available into nearest cineama hall to watch it out. If you haven’t watch it out trailer movie on youtube just be watch there. If people of Nepali going to watch this movie for help to make a new cricket ground to donate it. Sitaram Kattel also be role in this movie also too.

There is alot of work hard to make this movie to work out in different to faced it. This movie budget is 2crore to used a money to invest it. Still 4days run this movie into cineama hall. I hope this film make more knowledge things to know it. All Nepali people must be watch it out.

We can get some knowledge things to improved it. But comedy movie were mention but we can learn somethings new story to build a part to learn it. If you haven’t watch it out just go hall to watching this movie. I hope so people will be support and love to share more people to know it. Still some were promote with serial to promote it. All the best those whole teams wo make this money investment to make more profit.