Blockbuster Finale on Dance Plus 5 Tonight 8PM

Blockbuster Finale on Dance Plus 5 Tonight 8PM

Blockbuster Finale on Dance Plus 5 Tonight 8PM february 21, 2020 which the ended a shows right now. There is celebrities come on Dharmendra and Mithun on dance plus 5. Even Tiger Shroff and Shraddha Kapoor will also be seen on Dance Plus grand finale as special guests.

There are promote his own movie upcoming days on it. They have also be enjoy this finale round with fully entertainment with dancer in the stage on it. They have enjoy with shows right now. Even viewer will be join it us.

Some of point comment us guest also too. They have fully enjoy see on them on shows. All of people have a enjoy on it. Even i seen on instagram also they have promote to poster into a dance plus 5 finale.

I feels try to share with them here to make more entertainment with the visiter to check it up. Who will win this title show. All judges were excited who teams make a title shows this season.

Even i worrier to see it out this share an article for update from my side. I’m try to share to you here also too. Update it will be soon and be stay turn on it. Different dancer were performance on best to all people on it. Hope all the best at time. Don’t forget to watch it out tonight on starplus channel. Still i’m watch it out right now. Hope i will ne update name of winner list on next blog post.

Beautiful place of Stonehenge England

Beautiful place of Stonehenge England

Beautiful place of Stonehenge England which is In the 17th century, archaeologist John Aubrey made the claim that Stonehenge was the work of the Celtic high priests known as the druids. Since this is one of the heritage places of the accident period. Its address is Salisbury SP4 7DE, United Kingdom.

There is near a place of united kingdom country which people can easily for going that place.  There are ticket facilities for going to that place. Price of adult £19.00 each, Senior (65+) | Student: with ID £17.00 each, Child (5-17)£11.40 each, Family: 2 adults + 2 to 3 children£49.40 each, Infant (0-4)Free. This enters a ticket to purchase on it.

Its height is Each standing stone was around 4.1 meters (13 ft) high. It was a Sarsen, Bluestone cover to see into theirs. This shape of stone happens to see it. Special of people who live in a European country to travel to this place. This is one of tourist places to visit. This name recorded worldwide side to people well-known it.

This is ritual importance to Romano-British people. If you have to travel to this place to go. A peaceful environment happens to see it. Even perfect photography to see it. Important for a place of very important for you. Just I mention it here.

My Saturday blog Story Part 5

My Saturday blog Story Part 5

My Saturday blog Story Part 5 which I wake up at 7 am in the morning time from my own bedroom. After wake up from the bedroom I’m going to own the kitchen room to wash a face over it there. Then I take a cup of hot water over there then I take a cup of tea. Then I come back own room for sitting there. My father tells me to wake up now.

Before I wake up from own bedroom then I try to create a new post on my website to share one post to all people on it. Daily morning time I have to do this. After then my father calls to somebody for going to his workplace on it. After calling them he leaves his from the city place of the new road today moring time. We have to go on towards the vegetable market on chiplaydauga.

On arriving in The Tarkali Bazaar, there is an opinion of thirteen people, and Polchichi also came and I was lost for a while. And so I had to take a hat and go to the shop and I took it. And Baba Bodhi Bodhi in the place I said I ate the house and I turned the dog over. I gave it a while. That is when I had dinner.

Mommy gave me dinner and I ate and went to the terrace above the test bird while watching the video on Youtube, and it was day to day. And in the meantime, the sun went down well into my room and I was asleep and while I was watching my farewell, Baba distracted me. And I didn’t sleep.

Having lunch on the side of the vine I lost the Himalayan rodeos in Vidio. What a fun show I am and I lost it. And you might want to look at it. This has happened to you today. My blog story is like this. And you might think so.




Travel Blog of Karaputar Lamjung

Travel Blog of Karaputar Lamjung

Travel Blog of Karaputar Lamjung which I have been travel on February 21 on maha Shivaratri with the place of the name of karaputar lamjung. This year my Shivaratri travel blog to this place for visiting a temple on it. With my father and me go for a plan that places to visit to bless from lord shiva temple on that place on it.

Since we have wake up at 3am to take a shower into a bathroom for going that place to move on it. Below mention, we have to visit a temple while we have return come back to own home. During that picture will be taken someone person to make this photo for a moment into my life. After we have a shower into a bathroom.

I make a cup of tea to a drink it there owns a kitchen for ready for going that place on it. We have reached that place within 1hour 50 minutes to spends time with a ride of scotor over it there. Slow I have been drive on it. There is a lot of people were travel own vehicle over that place to see it. Even you see a people crowd moment over on the temple side see it.

The trip was great for me and if we were to leave the house in the morning then those people would be too thick and too dark and slimy in the middle. And we’re on the way down to the sleeve. And the road was smooth in some places and somewhere there was light soil.

And who my dad and I went to. And the place was a little more healed than ever before. All the people had gone for their own business. And I did that puja and eat some item.


Foggy weather on Moring Maha Shivaratri in Karaputar Temple

Foggy weather on Moring Maha Shivaratri in Karaputar Temple

Foggy weather on Moring Maha Shivaratri in Karaputar Temple which we have going that place on lamjung place of Nepal. Since moring time we have see a foggy weather happen to seen on temple. While we can travel with my scotor. The road will be fine to going that place to move on it.

When i reach that place we have see a police to check up a guard them to control a people on it. Some of clear people were enter to cross a line over there. I feels angry them that person on it. But we have did to enter the lord shiva temple to workship to bless it.

We have put a tika both shiva and parabati temple which puja goru putting a tike with me and my father. I see around over the hills side too much foggy weather to seen it. There is too much crowd people were enter that place to move it there. When i reach first goto river to make puja around a river of madhi. Before i see people were shower whole body in river after then they have do puja.

We have do it that we come back to return into temple. To make to enter that line inside temple on it. We have donate some money inside a bucket there. Me and my father also give them. But i share on right time but there is poor internet connection into my device phone to update this post. Now i have been seen to update it this post now.

Mention image you can seen a foggy weather happen to see it moring time on there. Every year it effect to seen this type of weather on it. Hope you will be look into this post also too. Correct mention time we have reach it but we going on day time it might be effect by rain on it. My moring wether happen to see it this effect on it.

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