Maha Shivaratri Weather rainfall on Pokhara Today

Maha Shivaratri Weather rainfall on Pokhara Today

Maha Shivaratri Weather rainfall on Pokhara Today since a long days we have wait to see this rainfall on our city to see it. But the this festival is today. Alot of things were discontiuned for run any festival to make a concern on it. Alot of people have plan to do it. It might be failed on it.

Pokhara Maha Shivaratri make this rainfall shows on cloudy of mood to see it. While i taken a photo over on there. There is dark to see a rainfall over that place as well as my place also too. Its distrub to preparate to make fire in evening time.

People have make a celebrate alot of wood fire sitting over make a sugarcane put inside a fire to make bang into a ground to noise pollution on environment on it. Different place of pokhara people bring a wood for forest to cut them and bring it nearest temple side to workship a puja over it.

Since moring time all male and female going to temple to workship a loard shiva in near place to see it. Even i also going to karputar place of kaski which every it will be run as festival over there. Here pokhara main temple also alot of crowd to seen over there.

This rainfall make it bad for all people who sitting whole night to pray a shiva to make more bless for them on it. But i like this rainfall time which i sit own bedroom for making somethings on it. I think whole country of Nepal make distrub with rain.

Every year while coming a maha shivaratri it happens to see a rainfall on it. Feels too much bad and plan also be cancel it also too. Even people make a plan in evening with fun with friends and family on home.

Moring time on Takre in Travel

Moring time on Takre in Travel

Moring time on Takre in Travel since few 2days ago we have going that day for on moring time which i wake up from 5AM. Just wake up and wash a face and take a tea with some eat. After those things we did own home. We are ready for going for that place to move on it.

Then i take a jacket and shoes for going that place. Start a scotor for a few minutes with kick it. Moring time i start with kick inside of scotor to start it. Then we are going towards this place to move on it. Road have no more vehicle hanging on it their.

From pokhara all bus were ready going kathmandu or many place to target for going there. All people are wake up bus to going for travel. There is crowd moment on it. When i reach on lekhnath place it seems make a foggy seen it there. There is no vehicle seen over while ride my scotor.

While we cross the lekhnath to enter tanahu place to while foggy happen to see it. Even i’m shocked that day who haven’t miss it this day to going that place. I just take selfie own photo on travel which i’m shock it. When we move on up hill of that location feels too much cold on myself.

Too much foggy winds flow into jacket whole body are dry on it. While i look into a jacket and pant on it. We have reach that place on nearest 8AM. We have setup a machiney to start on it. My father all checkup it there.

We have a launch at 11AM time. We have finesh all work of mahinery to them. People of magar haven’t learn a some tips to start a machinery to earn money for it. But all people are drinking an alocohol. This type cannot talk it much more time on it. While that people give as money to low money gives us.

We have make more hard on work on it. But this type never meet again to for work on that place. When they have doing such activities on that time. We have paid more money on next time on it.