What your plan in Maha Shivaratri 2020

What your plan in Maha Shivaratri 2020

What your plan in Maha Shivaratri 2020 tomorrow it February 21, 2020. This year it happens to celebrate from the Hindu festival. It is a festival that is dedicated to the worship of lord shiva. People were going to their near place of temple to workship in the morning time going it there.

Most of the people were of society they have a plan for an organization to enjoy with own local people with them together on it. Even i finding a such type of Nepal people they have own style to fight with here and there with friends. Some people will bring the fire of wood to fire outside of the temple.

Expect to have a match elsewhere tomorrow. And the mail can be accessed anyway. There are a lot of people. There are plenty of ways to go. Other friends have planned together and we think we have to do it. Some people join together in their family and some parties with their friends.

I have a plan to go to the temple tomorrow. That the haram will happen on the day of tomorrow. And the only thing I have asked you to do is to do Maha Shivratri. These are the people who make share. Even small things get bigger. But that’s not what you should do.

I think my trip will be good. I think maybe Saeed. If you go to the party tomorrow, it will be at the same level for me. You may have plans to subscribe to the comments below tomorrow. I would like to know about your plan.



Died in South Korea from the Coronavirus

Died in South Korea from the Coronavirus

Died in South Korea from the Coronavirus government has called for a five million population to stay home after the Coronavirus killed one person in South Korea. According to Korea’s Centers for Disease Control, a 63-year-old man died Wednesday from a virus. This virus affects Korean countries also too. Most of the shocked to listen to this news happen on it.

I am also mournful in South Korean. One has died. It has reached other countries due to the virus. Why the Chinese government did not say why her disease. When we reach another country we too. But this restriction will also go all over the country.

The Coronavirus has so far killed more than 21 hundred were deaths and infected around 75 thousand people worldwide. It happens on the day it is getting bigger. Now the government has to do anything for it. When people stop, it gets a little bit dark. The government has also been shocked to hear.

Now there is no level in the country. People have no idea what to eat. What happens now This is sad news. But even if we do, we still have to think if we are the same. One is dead today and the other is due to happen tomorrow. It needs to be controlled. They try doing on it. The mayor also appealed for help to the central capital, Seoul, expressing fear that the virus would wreak havoc on the health infrastructure in the city.

I hope the government will look into this to slove as soon as possible to share it. Even I also be shocked while reading out this article to mention those viewer people to know it better understood it. People aware of such types of big viruses happen to enter that country. The doctor was checking up outcoming to enter form different countries in Airport to check it.

India Best Dancer Start on February 29

India Best Dancer Start on February 29

India Best Dancer Start on February 29 at sony television which you can seen a promote trailer into a television there. Just wait and watch after the shows will be run it out. Even i’m also worrier about to watch it out this shows. February 29 at 8PM Indian Time on Sony Television will start on Sat-Sun every weekend.

There is three judges were available in this shows. Malaika Arora, Terence Lewis, Geeta Kapoor this three judges name were i mention it. They have bring out to top select dancer into this shows. Bharti Singh will be a host in this shows. As i know it i will provide to you here.

Firstly i would like thank to them because they have bring a select such a dancer to become a life journey start to know him/her as whole indian people. This is a first season will be running in which people will be love and support to be seen next season also too.

I hope i’m also be waiting for respone people comment and feedback towards this shows to move on it. They have select amazing and awesome dancer to bring in shows. They have own follow rule and regulation to follow them.

Even i haven’t details information under this rule which i can explain it better way to share here on post. People are wait for watch it out this shows on next week. It will coming on next week to started. Just chill and wait a moment a week might be start it.

I see a promote trailer which they share into television to increase number people will be watch it out. True fans follows people will be watch and never a shows also too. Even as me also never miss it this shows will start this shows.

New bridge area of batulichor 16

New bridge area of batulichor 16

New bridge area of batulichor 16 which few day i visiting that place with my friends roshan rana he make it visiting a bridge area of new. It establish were 1years ago which a good budget from government to make it. While cross a bridge over it their. There is a peaceful environment i have seen it.

Mention photo capture by roshan rana my friends on bbs collage with he was good friends with me. Even after long a year i meet with him there. They share own personal feels towards me. Just explain a bridges which people are facing to problem to cross a river on summar season.

Nowadays its fine to going it that place to move here and there. People are happy to used this bridge. I see a another land over that place people are doing a business for chicken growth to earn money from Nepal. If you have make earn money from Nepal then you needs to more hard to make it success into your business.

Even i see a landscape over the people cutivated a agriculture field there. I like that place where we haven’t find a noise pollution of human being over there. While you got a mood you can visit it that try to make a refresh it there. Alone isn’t a fresh on that needs a friends going that place.

I like my photo very much under bridge to capture to explain here. I’m thankful to being to share with us here. This located on Nepal place of Pokhara 16 ward no of batulichor with flow of river kalikhola happen to look or see it. While you eye see into a down.

Such type should be mention those people who haven’t know it well better then share. I would be thank you so much my friends roshan to taken this photo of brigde area.