Marine drive road Mumbai place to visit

Marine drive road Mumbai place to visit

Marine drive road Mumbai place to visit in India. This a place of south Mumbai place of India with it is 3.9km stretch. Chowpatty Beach is one of the famous nearby destinations. There is a beautiful place to visit the beach to see an awesome stone that will happen to see it.

During night time, I really amazing drive a vehicle to see a light over with different house look into there. Most of the people of a drive to flow in straightway to see on a night time. There are big hotel facilities to looks there. Mostly finding a couple lover were shoot to capture on photo.

Marine Drive was made by Netaji Subhash Chandra during his time. The road was seen as a perfect clear to see it. Once you can visit that place to enjoy with Mumbai of India. Different places in the country traveled that every year. This place was on the south part of Mumbai place. Even an actor of the film was shot on the beachside .

In that place, we have a lot of places to visit it there. If I collect mention name to visit there. It is also a big city in India and people also plan their own couple together. And you might have gone there and looked in the middle and in the middle. Other people have there. No one has ever seen this movie.

It should be in a beautiful place by itself. It looks even better in the sand. I have shared how many hotels are unavailable. Just this place is such an opinion and we are just as promoted by people and just as Justi Artich has written. Don’t go to that place but if there is any thinking you should go.

Khatri Village of Kristi Kaski

Khatri Village of Kristi Kaski

Khatri Village of Kristi Kaski which I going to that place for some work happens to go on it. While we take a launch time I take a small selfie with over house to capture there. This village was a good and peaceful environment to shelter there. Under this house, there is also rice mill which gives more service to the customer nearest from that place.

Sometimes we need a take selfie with different places to visiting time to explain were the place to mention the rest of the people of the viewer will let know that location to visit it. Within 2 years it will be proper maintenance to clear a road for the budget to target to complete this project on that location.

I remember going to the house once, but I remember going to a small place but I didn’t remember. The reason was that he could not think of that place. The only thing that came to mind was seeing that house. But people are the first ones I see. But I got that level today that there’s a vacant mill in the house.

I’ve only worn that house in a selfie. I don’t have big chimneys. Made from Small Mobil. You also have to share your photos. That’s why people are so opinionated that they go to such a place. The more photos you upload, the more people will see your photos.

This village is nice but there is a little bit to the road. Everything else is fine. You’ve probably been to that place. I have gone twice. But the next one is at Rice’s Mill. It is made by getting a little blog.

Travel Time to Kristi Road under construction

Travel Time to Kristi Road under construction

Travel Time to Kristi Road under construction since in moring time going that place to move on for workplace to there. There is do jar were working on their own side to maintenance to clear on it. We don’t know about this happen to see in this place.

It was cold in the morning and my dad and I were gone in Scotor for a while he was off on the road. The man on the way was saying that Aly had passed away at the time he arrived from Janus Hola. And there we were.

Going down to the village of Khetri, who was working as machinery and had not been hired, it had been two or four hours but it had not been brought. That’s probably two hours in my opinion.

The roads were a little bit worse than before. On the way down. Why not take the tippers because the path was not good. And there was also a slight scourge for me to walk. We have slowly gone to that place. We have been from Pokhara to that place in Scotor.

When we trumpeted to Kristi’s place we were seated for a while in the rod while we were at ease. But today, we get the level. You didn’t even have to tell me and your friends

You can check it out tomorrow to while this road happens to see in real on it.Then you will be known about it. My travel time it difficult to move that place for going on it.

New masala Mill Setup at Lekhnath

New masala Mill Setup at Lekhnath

New masala Mill Setup at Lekhnath which last saturday while me and father were going that place to move on it. Since there is an small problem while going that place to move on with scotor over on it. But we slowly going that place. On that time there is one program were run it out there.

But the traffic were there to look into there vehicle over it. They are try to stop a vehicle in a proper way. Finally we arrived at 9am at moring on that location for work it there. There is no any problem for helping to fix a machinery over in land.

My father were angry with that female people. She try to call those while since yesterday that person goes on meeting own soceity. We have a tension to fix a machinery on there. We have talk to her to bring material we have do it this work. As one person will come to see and he try to give a material to beat in land.

One things we have forget to bring it out that but again i going towards own home to bring it that. Then i come back to own home. One farniture to needed to set a wire line of eletronic infornt of wall to start a machinery. We have going on main on furniture to bring it that.

Due to saturday the shop were to close it. Finally we received it that. After i come back from home we have fix setup machinery on there. There is female user were on home. At evening 5pm we setup all those things only one remember on it.

We come back on sunday to fixed it. All work has been complete to setup new masala mill in lekhnath-26, pokhara. Hope you will be visit it there. There will be give more service from people from that location people on it. Whole full day complete busy on it. Sometimes we have busy on work. Even time haven’t look it out while work time to see it.

But that day weather isn’t good trying for rainfall just only. Weather looks like a cold for all. That why time goes fast and fast to sends on there. But while on sun raise over it. It difficult for us. We have like a day to spend on it. You can check it out mention image to fix a setup machinery on land ground.