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Ambika Rice Mill

Ambika Rice Mill

Ambika Rice Mill Pokhara batulichor -16, Lamachor which is located in the nearest school of Binda Basini. 2076 falgun 5 it established today which long process to move on it. This rice mill gives better facilities to all the nearest people.

Mention below on image you can see make workship puja to Vishwakarma while established machinery to start it. One of pujariba will be there. As a Hindu religious people, they have workship it first to start it.

Different item were ready to inside in machinery in the mill to start it before we have done it that. Today it established on it. Now people happened to better service from this rice mill.

I hope so I will pray it will be better service to satisfy people with the nearest people area. This area people will cover on this rice mill. This business will successfully run it from my best wishes to them. Hope it will make more earn money from Nepal.

If you doing money from running any business from rice mill there is a lot of people will doing on it. If you haven’t lost you’re hopeless while running a business to face into life to start. Be strong and be a safe way to run this business on it.

Ambika rice mill will bridge the future ahead. The upcoming day we have listened to it they a good way to used it in own way. My wishes and my bless always god bless you. God will always bless them on it.

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