Congratulations to you Technical Yogi

Congratulations to you Technical Yogi

Congratulations to you Technical Yogi For new baby was born in today with a new member were welcome into your family. I hope you will be happy to see it out your baby into a hospital while a baby is a boy to see. After a long time to see your new member will be added into your lifestyle to move on it.

While I see into an Instagram post to see your post someone will be posted into theirs. I’m really happy to see it. Technical yogi is a big YouTuber of India.

I am also happy to hear that. And it is the new Baby of Youtuber is born today. Now you have a new son at home. Who are you now I am happy and you have probably heard.

Everyone has poisoned too. And you won’t miss it. I’m also poisoning ale and suffering from you too. And I am from Nepal and I have lost the windows here too. And I’ve watched the following. I still watch the video of his.

It’s a happy thing. Here are now all the hangings. And maybe a video will be available here. The new son’s I just got here was in Youtuber. It was a great pleasure to be here. How good it is when this happens.

Ambika Rice Mill

Ambika Rice Mill

Ambika Rice Mill Pokhara batulichor -16, Lamachor which is located in the nearest school of Binda Basini. 2076 falgun 5 it established today which long process to move on it. This rice mill gives better facilities to all the nearest people.

Mention below on image you can see make workship puja to Vishwakarma while established machinery to start it. One of pujariba will be there. As a Hindu religious people, they have workship it first to start it.

Different item were ready to inside in machinery in the mill to start it before we have done it that. Today it established on it. Now people happened to better service from this rice mill.

I hope so I will pray it will be better service to satisfy people with the nearest people area. This area people will cover on this rice mill. This business will successfully run it from my best wishes to them. Hope it will make more earn money from Nepal.

If you doing money from running any business from rice mill there is a lot of people will doing on it. If you haven’t lost you’re hopeless while running a business to face into life to start. Be strong and be a safe way to run this business on it.

Ambika rice mill will bridge the future ahead. The upcoming day we have listened to it they a good way to used it in own way. My wishes and my bless always god bless you. God will always bless them on it.

My Saturday blog Story Part 4

My Saturday blog Story Part 4

My Saturday blog Story Part 4 In the morning, there was a morning commute to work on the day of Saturday, at a man’s house, and on that fateful day, we were having lunch. And there was no gasoline in Scotor either. And went to the pump to put gasoline. And we went to the direction of the tested party, directed by Highway. The Maratha, Running opinion, I didn’t even know. I missed the bird.

When I was in Genevieve, traffic would be so abusive that you might think of yourself. It was sad for us. And we went to Direct Prithvi Chowk, which is the same in There. Then we went to the path leading to that pool. On the way to Panchagi of Rangasala, we went from There. And we came on the way to the Highway.

The bird reached Highway, it was sad. We think we forgot to take one. And the day she was back at home in the same weather wasn’t too good the sun wasn’t shining. All the foggy days were about to take place. I went to dinner at home and Mom and I had dinner together. And I took the same things again and went to that place.

In the morning when the man lost the helper at home, the helper did not come to work. But Dad and I did that together. And he went home also. The day was full of day in our work on Side. All the work was done. One of the tasks was left over from where we were staying.

My blog story was like this on a sunny day. The day was not good either. This is how my S Pali’s wonderful blog story happened. My Saturday blog have like one this weekend to spend

Congratulations Rupesh Bane and Deepika-Rupesh

Congratulations Rupesh Bane and Deepika-Rupesh

Congratulations Rupesh Bane and Deepika-Rupesh for the next two top 4 finalists of dance plus 5. Since 3weeks they have run it out their voting round as well as on score of remo as well. After they have been complete this 3 weeks past then both of them were finalists into this shows. With different teams of captain make it on finalist round.

I have been so forward with my thoughts and my thoughts. And people can be changed even further by planting. And because of that, you have reached the final. Now in the coming days who will win if we don’t have the level. There are cannons one by one while watching the dance. Now, who sucks is the return of the Dance Plus 5.

Now in the coming weeks, this funnel will be on the Scarplus Channel. If you have missed, try the Plays. And maybe try something out of it and do it too. My country is not from Nepal. But there is nothing for us. Now, these four contestants give a good measure of how good and how much.

Looking back now, the four pleasures of the Dance Plus 5 have been finalized. You may have come across such a Talent, and you might have helped Remo to become the next head of the show. And people come with their own salad. There is also some help from the remote head. If you dance to such songs, you will feel it.