Death of Shakya former mayor of Lalitpur

Death of Shakya former mayor of Lalitpur

Death of Shakya former mayor of Lalitpur since last Sunday night. Shakya died at the age of 89 while undergoing treatment at Medicity Hospital. Former Union President of the freedom fighter Shakya Municipal Association, Lalitpur, who was also the district president of the Federation of Fighters.

It’s hard to be dead at a very young age. Today Nepal has left an old man’s country dirty. Many have died in the fire. It’s time for people to go. But the hospital also has the opinion of Richard. And the hospital has become more dying here.

This is sad news. I wish I had just wandered over to the family of them. Here’s how it sounds when you hear this News. Sayed may have done a lot of work here. The next day, I had some plans here, so I had to die in the middle. Let us all the Nepalese suffer.

The families here have heard the sad news and at that time everyone is like that. We also have to go to. The bird born of the man has to go one. You are not discouraged when it happens.

The previous past day he makes history to make people touch into a heartbeat to see it. His soul rests in peace in heaven on it. While I look in this post to read it out. This is sad news to share with those people who will be faced everyone to happen on it.

Whole day bad weather happen today

Whole day bad weather happen today

Whole day bad weather happen today while I wake up form own bedroom to see outside weather to see on there. Feels try to bad for myself while I think myself on it. From Pokhara weather, I have been updated for you. Whole its spend on it such type of weather happens to days past on it.

Today, I do not want to go anywhere and even boredom when it is such a day and would like to sleep in the house and go to sleep. Must go out to work like that too. It was early in the morning, and there was light sunshine in the afternoon. But even when it is cold, it is.

People tend to think in their own way. I say blog post. However, I did find myself blogging in the morning. But today, this did not go. And you might have been there this morning. Please also comment on this comment.

So many parties are like that, and I also feel bored that if the rain falls, it is a consideration, but that is not what it says. This is where it comes. That doesn’t mean we should take water in our own thoughts. And the heat is about to start, but it’s still cold. But in the morning it was only a little sunny in the day. It was sunny.

The whole day it spends this type of past today. I hope your area has to look this under this below to see it.

Raharchautara Visit a bhalam nearest place

Raharchautara Visit a bhalam nearest place

Raharchautara Visit a bhalam nearest place few a days ago with my father going that place to see it. There is too much beautiful place to leave in that place to a favourite environment to shelter there. I really like that place to move to shelter on it. But the road were off for going on that place.

I like such of place to watch it out feels to realise under that place. It was a great place to go to. I’ve been too. What a fun place to visit in that place and nobody had enough houses. It was easy if no business was hot in the place the people were below. There was an empty mill at that place. It’s gone at noon. The midwife also had gone. My brother was me

There was a small problem with the disc mill and we were working. And they were talking. And I also had a light selfie on my own. And maybe go to that place. Have a fun place road is fine in the rain, it may be slightly thicker, perhaps because the water is quite the same.

Everywhere I looked, I saw all the green fields. I didn’t get the time to tell it right away. And I had started. Today you have folded ale. I also enjoy going to such a place. And how do you feel about playing in the comments?

Next 2nd week Top 2 Finalist on Dance Plus 5

Next 2nd week Top 2 Finalist on Dance Plus 5

Next 2nd week Top 2 Finalist on Dance Plus 5 which started on 8pm on indian time on starplus channel. This week there is only two contestant will be selected it. While starting a shows i will watch it out those eight dancer to performed on stage. They are try to work hard on it.

Teams punit of bhim have share some story of his army life to salaute to him form his chair to handup to him. He give a suprise to him . Bhim parent will coming in this stage for entertainment to all audience on it. Feels to share emotion to cry with family member on it.

This emotional feeling touch to my heart also too. While son were doing this work to move on dance plus 5 family to feels great work i’m doing it. Alot of people were know him alot. Such a emotional feels to share a story in live shows.

Even remo sir give all bless and make one dialog to promote them. No needs a tension on it. It will be make strong into your dancing future. If haven’t select i will meet somewhere else to meet you all. All teams captain were dancing on stage to performed on it.

Three captain judges contestant were selected on final round to make a title to meet it. But one teams captain haven’t goes on final round. This a sad moment to see it there. But don’t lose a hope on it. It will be better next time.

Our next two contestant were selected from teams dharmas and karishma. That name is Rupesh Bane and Deepika-Rupesh both to teams captain were happy to see it. Hope he/she got a title in this season. I hope next week we have a title name on dance plus.

Dance plus 5 celebrated valentine’s day of love aaj kal celebrities will join this program for to promote his film as well also to. Contestant were really enjoy to make expire to share a love them on it. As ragav try to make a commedy to all for as a refresh to us. As a long month it started to shows behind. Now its a time to ended the shows.