Love Aaj Kal film movie released yesterday

Love Aaj Kal film movie released yesterday

Love Aaj Kal film movie released yesterday which held on February 14, valentine’s day in a cinema hall. This film directed by Imtiaz Ali. This film is about Spanning from 1990 to 2020, the movie portrays two love stories from widely different eras facing widely different obstacles.

One couple battles society`s restrictions while the other must learn to balance work with love, but both portray the same true and unfiltered feelings of love. From music directed by Pritam Chakraborty, Ishaan Chhabra this singer will sing in this film.

Since the previous film was available to see on this. The film were true much interest to share a love with people will be learn on it. Even i have seen a trailer over onĀ  Tv program to promote to see it. Even people have already watched it this movie in the nearest cinema hall.

I hope this film does well. But I haven’t lost the film. You may have seen it. However, I have just posted a small blog post about S that is hot. I also like this film according to the trailer. This is the talk of the love of film. What is the opinion of love? When people love what they have to say about love, they also get frustrated.

If you are in love, then what kind of Phils will be. And from S, we have learned one thing. Not only do we love the girl but also our own thinking is such a bad idea. However, this film is a green party.

Maschindra becomes a champion in making history

Maschindra becomes a champion in making history

Maschindra becomes a champion in making history becoming the first-ever league champion with the help of an Army player’s suicide goal at the Dashrath Stadium. In the last match of the league, Machindra defeated divisional team Tribhuvan Army Club 1-0.

It was a great game and it has been in Nepal. Such globes are machined everywhere. Which players have gone gay? The lost two are in full swing. It was good to have two teams. People were too tired, I lost people, I lost them.

But looking at the game was quite a crooked moment. And in the 8th minute of the game, Machindra took the lead in the suicide goal of Army’s Vikas Tamang. In a freekick by Ranjit Dhimal of Machindra, the force that led the development was scored on his own post. Then Vikesh Kuthu of the Army was injured. Soon he had left the field.

The other lost in the world of Club is in Nepal. And in such happiness people are excited. The football that has been lost in this Globe Numbers has been great. If you are a complete user then just follow the link below. I will fast with my hand.


Beautiful place of landscape in Nepal

Beautiful place of landscape in Nepal

Beautiful place of landscape in Nepal which a near place of bhalam, Kaski. There is wonderful to looks to landscape with surrounded by hills and forest over to into a hills area. There is a different place to see in Nepal. Yesterday i went to travel under that location for some work place to see this.

Over of landscape i see a beautiful small village seen over there. There is not cutivated land for doing agriculture. We cannot image into our eyes to see this place on it. While i taken a photo with the place really awesome and amazing to perfect as a photographer.

When we goes some place you should he take a photo over it there. At afternoon time we have going that place for work place. While i see around that place to looks like a peaceful and good environment to see it. I like this landscape to visit it. The road were off over to going that place to. Nearesr place of bhalam, kaski for going that place.

I see only few house around to looks to cutivated land for used as a personal. Why the people haven’t cutivated land in there. Because there is more service facilities from city. Even the vehicle will come into own home to such a product to bring it. That why people of Nepali were left to cutivated land on there.

Even i request those people who want to visit this place you are truely welcome our Nepal to visit it. This a place of beauty of Nepal. We have to conserve and perserve to protect it. We can see step by step of land with flowing to looks.

Once you can feels a place and image a things related to writing a article under this place. You haven’t a place to see you are unable to make to article to write it. Hope you will like this landscape to finding in Nepal.