Visit Garmi Place of Kaski

Visit Garmi Place of Kaski

Visit Ghami Place of Kaski is the place that was located the near side of lamachor place to move on that place to go. Since at day time on launch time on Nepali Time which we made a problem to fix a machinery part into an own workshop to fix it there. After we return to our own home to launch it. Visit garmi place of Kaski which tourist area.

Yesterday she went to the place and Baba went together and went to Dachau to eat dinner. And the path to that was not good. Opinions are making the way and we lighten up in that place. In the morning my father was gone and Pokhara was returning. Let me know when it’s time for a change.

I recharged and went to the market again, taking Scotor. And we went to the workshop ourselves. And the whole of the workshop has gone home by being Finish. The glow is a great place, but it also has a Tourist area. He is also believed to have been parading on top.

I didn’t snap a photo because my mobile was not zoomed in, but I was going to do it. That place is great in garmi, with Grandpa sitting on the dais. And I have to do it. By doing that, we are on our way home. What a gummy opinion is. I’ve pulled my selfie for you to see.

You may have been to this place. The Tourist is the place of the garmi. And maybe you should take it. And you might have gone, and the place is great. Even a lot of people also going it that. Such memories will be forgotten about it. I hope next time I will be visiting it that place goes there. Such a great place was visiting it. Once you will meet to reach this place to know it well for it.

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Today i visiting new place of Lekhnath-26

Today i visiting new place of Lekhnath-26

Today I visiting  a new place of Lekhnath-26 which near the place of budibazar of lekhnath place which new connection of machinery part to fit it there. Since a few days ago she has been called towards my father to see a machinery condition on it.

I see around that place which I travel in the morning time. It seems very much beautiful looks of a house over to see in the hillside which seems a mountain also too. I really enjoy that place yo visiting in the morning time today.

Some few minutes we take a reach there. After finishing a speak with a person over on her house to talk about machinery to fit it there under this house she told to my father.

My father tells to her everything which material needs to fix into this machinery part to make connect three-phase electricity into a new business to run it.

She speaks truth words to speak with my father tell them there. Even her daughter also in a home there to listen talk with them infornt it. Even as me also there while both of them talk to speak there.

I like such a place to land over with the beauty of tyore increase to see a flower of the color of yellow to see around on surrounded of land over that place to see it. On this season tyore will be cultivated on land.

I see a beautiful house to see on with different forest to see it. People can easily breathe with the forest over to see. One thing I see a tower of Sim to look at it. Large number of land were i see it there. I hope I will be visiting its next blog will be share new story to update it.


How to recharge dish home from eSewa

How to recharge dish home from eSewa

How to recharge dish home from eSewa simple you should must have esewa account to make recharge on it. From mobile i will clear explain to you here step by step on it. You must have install esewa apps into your mobile device while recharge from apps.

Step by Step how to recharge dish home from esewa in Apps
1. You needs download your apps and open your esewa apps
2. After then you needs type your ID And Password.
3. You needs to click into login button.
4. Then you page will be open it. You see a option of TV paid option
5. Click on that button then you finding to see a different tv paid to see.
6. Just click on dish home topup option to open or click it.
7. Then your type your Cas, Chip and customer Id to type
8. After you type number another page will be open.
9. Scroll it little down you can see it option choose package for recharge and enter your mobile number
10. Then you can click on submit button and your payment will be success on it.

This a step to follow up from mobile apps which clear explain to those people who needs to try to recharge a dish hole from online payment system in Nepal. By using a esewa account for good and fast service to recharge it.

Remember those things to do it. You can check it out your cas/chip and customer Id will be setup box back side to see this details over it there. While you type a cas/chip and customer Id then you can see a date and time to finesh also too on next time.

Before you cannot see a expire date see it. After you recharge you should check it out on it. One things you needs remember on into your mind you needs a balance and verify on esewa to recharge this system on it. But i don’t know non-verify also do recharge this payment should also be paid it.

Just a explain in a proper way to step to you. It might be more helpful under on it. Mention below picture i will share payment received transaction to look it. Hope you will be seen it. Better know about this tips to explani here.

Technical Israr got 2 copyright Strike own Youtube

Technical Israr got 2 copyright Strike own Youtube

Technical Israr got 2 copyright Strike own Youtube because haven’t doing anythings into his channel. Such type of copyright strike contains haven’t seen his channel. Even he have try to sent email to teams youtube for this issue matter on it.

In february 6 he got 1 copyright strike into his channel. Another copyright strike on february 9. Both of copyright strike haven’t not at same day to got this. I’m really shocked to listen on this channel.

He have doing hard work towards his channel for improved to meet whole people in the youtuber from india. He have make it help to other people while shows into his channel to clear it. Video is related about on technical related to his channel.

Some of news will be share related youtube news flash to clear explain on hindi languages to clear all people. But why he got 2 copyright strike into his channel. Since 2 days i have publish a video on this case into his channel.

As i’m a Nepal which sometime look his video related some problem yo clear under issue which have clear on it. His channel also monetization on it. Lets see staff will be check it out his channel back into his channel.

He needs help from audiance on it. Even his video haven’t like to see copyright strike to see. If he get it then he will be faced this. He collect 52k subcriber into his channel. Because all people will be love him to see a new video to watch it out.

If he got 3 copyright strike i will be terminated his account for permantely from youtube as a policy said it. If people will be give him write some article for help me and needs to remove it. Without reason why the teams doing like this things on it so that why?