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Neelum Valley of Pakistan to Visit

Neelum Valley of Pakistan to Visit

Neelum Valley of Pakistan to Visit where it is located on northernmost district Azad Kashmir. Its total population is 191,000. It badly affected on earthquake since 2005 in this place. You can see a beautiful river of Neelum. Its climate was good to visit it there. This is a popular place in Pakistan which people can conserve.

Different country of people was visiting it this place every year. There is beautiful hills and a river to flow to see the Neelam river over to see. This is also a hotel and restaurant to shelter also too. There is Keran & Upper Neelum, KEL, Arrang Kel, Tao Butt, Kutton Jagran Resort, Dhani Noseri Waterfall and Ratti Gali Lake.

These things were you can see to visit this place. 3 days we can visit this place with a different place to holiday package to going it there. There is a holiday package were available for 7 days to purchase it. For 5days package is Rs 55,000 needs of Pakistan currency.

I think everything about this place has a great and beautiful place. There is an opinion of Nasu too. But the people of Teha also share all the information about their place for tourists. If you go to that place, you might be surprised to see Google.

I have a lot of opinions on green prescriptions. But the place is also very good for Pakistan. It might even be in the World. There are people who go on their holidays. Anyway, that’s okay too. You have all the services you need to live. If you go Please read about them and see everything about them.

And who is better for you. And if you have a good idea, you might want to share your blog on the website. Other friends are also curious about that. People have to take their own place for themselves.

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