Nepal lost again to Oman on Cricket Match

Nepal lost again to Oman on Cricket Match

Nepal lost again to Oman on Cricket Match Nepal and has lost to Oman on the domestic ground for the second time in the ICC Cricket World Cup League 2. In the first innings, however, Nepal was defeated for 249 runs but failed to bowl well.

Earlier, vice-captain Gyanendra Malla’s half-century inspired Nepal to score 50 runs in 8 overs. Vice-captain Akib Ilyas and skipper Jisan Maqsood shared an excellent batting century for Oman, 83-2, at 18.5.

If you were to do this, Nepal would have been defeated with the Oman country in the Cricket Match. That link is all over the Nepalese language. You can understand.

If I owe it one by one, it is likely to be too long. But also the Thames of Oman looks great to me. Winning with Nepal in a cricket match. It’s been a while on television on The Mach Lives Shows.

But it also hurts his country. But our Nepal has done well. But it also hurts. But Nepal should win with Oman. Good to play cricket in Nepal. But losing is another thing, friends. I also think it was News Read. I hope you visiting into below post to know more info on it. If I will share it here details there over and wickets to update on here.

They will check it outscore and over under mention link URL to share it here. You maybe look into there. It was very much sad to see this news Nepal lost this game chance on it. Little score I have a share under this post to read it out. Teams try to make target it.

Read it out This Link:

Dishhome says ISP’s license will now expand

Dishhome says ISP’s license will now expand

Dishhome says ISP’s license will now expand to Internet service across the country. Dish home, a company that has made digital television accessible across the country through satellite technology, is also offering Internet service. For that, Dishhome has obtained an Internet Service Provider’s License.

It will be launched within two to three weeks from now. Now the Internet has come to the people in Direk Homme, and people are sitting at home and using the Internet. I was talking about this earlier in an old blog post too. It may be coming to Chitti now. People arriving from home to home in the village are fine when using the Internet.

People have access to the Internet. Many people in the village are screaming. People who go to the village are also relieved to receive mobile donor packs. Now, depending on how mature the company is, how fast it is to offer your own services.

First, this company may do its own servicing. And maybe everywhere from Server to SK. First, she has to do that. If there is no problem on the internet then it is easier to get wind and water when the internet should run. And then I have internet service.

Now, there have been reports that companies have called for Fiber. The company has taken over License. In this direction, like Homme, India, and There also have internet. But to get similar ones one has to go with India. Anything has to be healed. This is the job of the company.


How to upload video in TikTok

How to upload video in TikTok

How to upload video in TikTok this is one of the entertainment applications to find into your smartphone and iPhone also too. Here I would be share with you how we can upload a video original into from your gallery. Here step by step I will be teach to you.

Here Step by Step how to upload video in TikTok

  1. Open your TikTok apps from your device mobile
  2. After you opened your apps then scroll to see + button to see
  3. Click on that button You will see an option to choose video upload
  4. Choose your video from your gallery
  5. Then a page will be open your video there then you can edit your video.
  6. After complete edit your video Then you can be seen a to press button of next
  7. Click it Next button then you used a message about your video with a hashtag
  8. You can press to click to public button.

Here simple step I have been share with you uploading TikTok video from your device. If any confused under this step to follow up lets me know your comment below. It might help from your side to know it well for me. If you look into this post then you will be understood well.

There is a different video we can see a youtube channel in which people were confused about it. I just explain into own English languages as well explain to you. Mention image you can option to upload video from your gallery phone.


Follow me Laxu_baral on TikTok

Follow me Laxu_baral on TikTok

Follow me Laxu_baral on TikTok which I join this account as well on it. For a few months or a few years ago I have been joining this account. You can see my video over there. To search it that username to follow me on there.

It was not even me that people came to this sudden social media while I was also duped into my mobile. And I did it suddenly. I have not made many videos available for There. Those four are the worst of my videos in profile. This is what you can see in my photo.

Now I will also be in a hurry at Chittok. And I will also have a youtube channel available. It would have been easier to make money from it. But this is for the better. The country of origin is from China.

It occurs in the poplar numerical ops in the world. These apps are trending in the Play Store and App Stores. I was hangover in Mobile because my internal Storages and Ram were too low. Samsung Mobil is not my Teti Support. And I uninstalled the apps.

If I think I’m working right away. And if you want to fool me and I will do the same, even on short videos. You should also provide help and support.

Top 2 Finalist Weekend on Dance Plus 5

Top 2 Finalist Weekend on Dance Plus 5

Top 2 Finalist Weekend on Dance Plus 5 which they have 3week they have chance to goes on final round on it. Now teams suresh teams dancer were dance on stage on it. The ace group were dance on it. The old songs they have dance on it. Remo also give good comment with them. Can this guys finalist on it. They have one more chance on it.

Teams krishma will come dance on deepika and rupesh were dance on stage right now. There dance were good and nice to see it. Chituge comment good comment with them. Old songs they have dance on it. Remo give score with them. He give good comment with them on it.

They have shocked on while see on captain to see on it. They have got double plus on it . Remo give handup on them. Some people have give message to him. He give good support to them on it. So much emotion video share on live on television on it.

Both of them give thanks you dance plus. They haven’t think what i’m here on it. Teams suresh also give to support to help them. Both of them on hugs with suresh. Both of them dreams on international dancer shows to performed on it.

Teams suresh teams dancer will performed on stage that name is dron brother were dance it. Jituge comment with them. Remo give comment with them as nice. He give a score on them.

Teams dharmesh dancer were performaned name is Rupesh bayne were dancing on stage right now. With old songs of jituge he performed well. Jituge give comment awesome and nice for it. He hapshap with of teams captain. Remo give comment on its diffcult to dance and amazing on it. Remo give a score also too.

Dharmash impression of rupesh to come his member on stage. Rupesh were shocked to those people on stage. He were happy to see with them on stage. He were cry with mother. This happy moment to see on it. Nervious people will come on this dance plus.

Rupesh share own feels to share with viewer and audition to see it. His father were already past away on it. All judges and captain were dance on stage on it. Rest of actor were coming on this stage on it malang teams family come on dance plus 5 stage on it.

Munak were to meet with friends on their. Munak were dancing right now. From teams suresh contestant were dance. Anil kapoort give amazing. Jituge give your autitute were exellent on it. Remo give also score to him. He were happy on it.

Munak fullfilled dance with them also anil sir were join on danc there. Ajitaye were to see dance of teams punit sujit and sungita were dance to see. Jituge give stand up and clap with them while comment to them. Don’t try this own home.

Remo comment with handup and unbelieve to see. Alot of comment give them as good. He give score also too. Sujit and sungita were first final on dance plus 5 even teams of punit will be happy to see it. Because they have doing amazing dance on it.