Rain in the Pokhara today

Rain in the Pokhara today

Rain in the Pokhara today are many parties today. Today, four birds of the day were rained. The wind was strong. And the ale is raining. It was not big and the bird was big. I also had this in lukewarm water. I wondered why this had happened this month.

In the summer season, it is raining so cold. According to the Meteorological Forecasting Division, today there will be a slight change in the hilly part of the country with partial replacement in the rest.

The water from this morning was like a downpour but in the afternoon there is light sunshine. There has been a great deal of rain about the country. It is necessary to be aware of the rain. There is no water in the well. In the morning it was like rain in Pokhara but even then it was not drained.

The rain fell on the vine, but the cold has become worse. You may also find it rained in your house. It is quite cold on the outside. How do you feel about the place? I hope you have enjoyed with rainfall in Pokhara today. it seems very nice to share with us here on it.

The country is getting colder in some places because of the water. Pokhara was quite watery here. The water has cooled due to falling. It’s been cold. I got ale too cold.

It was happening everywhere since morning. The sun was not sharp. It was also cold and cold when the wind in the afternoon was set in the sun.

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