My Saturday blog Story Part 3

My Saturday blog Story Part 3

My Saturday blog Story Part 3  This morning the buffalo was up and the going was on the scam. The mother had spoken to her. The test came upon the bird. And he ate tea and gave it to his mother. And I ate too.

I went to own room and found blog posts for a while. And was posting a post and had gone to Toilet too. And think of the blog posts. And he did the trick by turning his back on the bed. And it was hot.

I went to Yves Neves web site where I couldn’t find anything for the blog post. I was thinking this way. And went out to his room and was working lightly on the laptop. And it was quite cold outside.

The mother was a vegan, and I ate it and there was a midwife coming and the midwife came. We went to Arva village and went to see that foundation and we were chatting in the village. The midwife is also supposed to be me.

Upon reaching the village, the midwife saw our foundation. And the bridegroom will do as he says. And by saying that you broke the word, I told you. And we went downstairs to the market and got into the bugger and did a little hug with my mother.

And sitting for a while in the sun, but the sun was not dressed properly. And we were sitting on Youtube watching Vidio. And the wind was green. And went down. And I was sleeping on the bed. And in a moment.

Today is the day that I have become. And the wind was blowing toward the vine. And it was raining. And I have begun to beg. In today’s post. Here’s my blog story today.

Rain in the Pokhara today

Rain in the Pokhara today

Rain in the Pokhara today are many parties today. Today, four birds of the day were rained. The wind was strong. And the ale is raining. It was not big and the bird was big. I also had this in lukewarm water. I wondered why this had happened this month.

In the summer season, it is raining so cold. According to the Meteorological Forecasting Division, today there will be a slight change in the hilly part of the country with partial replacement in the rest.

The water from this morning was like a downpour but in the afternoon there is light sunshine. There has been a great deal of rain about the country. It is necessary to be aware of the rain. There is no water in the well. In the morning it was like rain in Pokhara but even then it was not drained.

The rain fell on the vine, but the cold has become worse. You may also find it rained in your house. It is quite cold on the outside. How do you feel about the place? I hope you have enjoyed with rainfall in Pokhara today. it seems very nice to share with us here on it.

The country is getting colder in some places because of the water. Pokhara was quite watery here. The water has cooled due to falling. It’s been cold. I got ale too cold.

It was happening everywhere since morning. The sun was not sharp. It was also cold and cold when the wind in the afternoon was set in the sun.

New Update change on blogger tools to remove

New Update change on blogger tools to remove

New Update change on blogger tools to remove since yesterday i checking out spell checking into a blogger account to correct the words over it there. But teams have changed to update to remove that tools from bloggers. Even sometimes it will be mistake words to correct while clicking on that button on it.

Now its change we are unable to see that tools over into to create post side to see it. You can find that tool over it there. I work to correct spell over from the blogger account to improve it there. But we cannot see this that on it.

How many other tools openings did I lose? Even if Google does not like that Tulsa Saeed, I would have liked it. And now you no longer see your spell wards. I was able to steal my web site well while I was helping There.

Yesterday, I also did a search on Google, but I also did a search to see if anything happens. But I thought that what I wrote would have been okay if I had stolen it. Blogger does not even seem to be bothered by the new user, but nowadays, if you search through the internet, it works.

Now that Tulsa would have been me, I think blogging was easier too. All to Url. It was easy for me. I went to a blogger Account and did that spellchecking. And I used to be a fan of WordPress. I worked on Google Translator by accounting. Alley isn’t on that on blogger.

ICC Men’s CWC League 2 Nepal vs USA

ICC Men’s CWC League 2 Nepal vs USA

ICC Men’s CWC League 2 Nepal vs USA which this match will be today at 9AM onward on Februry 8. Nepal again beat to USA on it. Now you can be excited to see this two country match today. It will be ended the game on 10 february.

Pervious match of another i haven’t look into there. Hope you will try to purchase a ticket from eSewa online payment to visit that ground to watch in live shows match on it. Try to suport our country Nepal. Today is also saturday which peoplw were also free on this day.

This live show also seen on television also too which you can look it there. But i haven’t know it which channel they have shows a live. I just update for you go their. Don’t forget to purchase your ticket on time.

It might be sold it out. Both of teams were also be strong player. Hope so all the best both teams. You can enjoy your game with friends and family to go there. If you love this cricket to see.

Sometimes its very helpful to watch it out this match. Cricket lover will be seen this match as well it. How style to play game and how to you can follow terms and condition there. This things might be get knowledge it.

Please support and pray for Nepal to win this game. They will be try to preperate on it. Our Nepal teams were strong to play this game. If Nepali teams it will be name record to world wide also too. Please purchase ticket to go this match on live on ground.

Hope you haven’t forget to watch it out this game on it. Try to support Nepal to win it.