Good Night To all Friends

Good Night To all Friends

Good Night To all Friends filled with more responsibilities, which bring chaos. You do not always get to see your them, as much as you would like to. In order to maintain your bond and let your friends know, that no matter what happens in your lives you will always be there.

Sometime i spends day with a work happen for over load to sleep time to go there. Now i’m going some message spread to share to you all friends which they will be know well for it. People are wait for night time to sleep to wait for their work for doing on it.

In the hour of the ritual it happens that people are forced into their work. There are no marches to work on, and there are no layers on what to do. Everyone in the room is asleep. There are layers that make people fall asleep at times.

I have also sat in the ritual sometimes. But not much has happened to you. The light is not sitting on the balms but I am sitting in the bed and using the mobile. If you do not sleep, YouTube is watching. Sometimes there will be some urgent work in the sand. Someone has to do his work.

Someone may have a soft sleeping habbit in the sand. Even today I am sitting till this time, otherwise I am sitting in the bed. But the opinion is not to sit in the sand. You may want to do whatever is in your mind.

Today Day Make It cloudy cold

Today Day Make It cloudy cold

Today Day Make It cloudy cold the day is gone too cold in the morning was gone out is quite cold The sun is not shining. Yesterday’s sun was raise to show it. Do not want to go anywhere such a day because I like to sleep immediately and like to post on this blog.

Today, it is very cold and cold in Pokhara. It is not pleasant to go out even after showing the day. It will be a lot colder now than when it is hot and freezing. As it is in the photo. If it is sunny today, I do not expect. Now eat hot food and sleep on your own bed. And there you will pass.

If I do not want to be out today. If I have to go again, I will be stressed. It is quite cold when driving a scotor in such cold air. Wear warm clothing. But the air is quite yes. What a heap of harem now day by day.

This is what it looks like. It was such a day that the cold didn’t want to do anything. Using cold iron will also be cold on the hand. Don’t want to go anywhere. You might have been like that today in the place of others. It’s like that in my place. Do you know what your place is like?

February 7th-14th for week day started

February 7th-14th for week day started

February 7th-14th for week day started which it will be run it out by tomorrow will be week day started it. This seven day different celebrated of love to share own wife and boyfriend/girlfriends to share it. There is 7 different day they have been celebrated it well. Now i will be explain it point way to explain to you. Most of couple lover have spends time on hotel to fun and refresh with beauty of nature over on it.

  1. Rose Day

Rose day is this day can give red yellow pink roses to different people depending on your feelings for them. Flowers are the most beloved things among them roses are one of the favorites

2. Propose Day

Propose day is a day which people of girl friends and boy friends tell it three words to give propose with beautiful place or somewhere else to tell ” I Love U’. This is second day of February which they will do it.

3. Chocolate Day

Chocolate day is a day of which you can spread happiness giving chocolate to your near and dear ones. And to your loved ones girlfriend or wives boyfriend or husband you can give the special heart

4. Teddy Day

Teddy day is a day of which cutest gift to be given to your beloved person. It hit upon when we are angry and also we can cry our hearts out on them.

5. Promise Day

Promise day is a day of which people have leave sometimes to used it daily life which its harm into damage into you life. He/She give promise those their true love wouldn’t be break into life time they have used this words.

6. Hug Day

Hug day is a day of which share the happiness by hugging your near and dear ones .not only loved ones as it is only hugs which can brighten up someone’s day. Some person will be happy and some person were miss him/her a long hug it.

7. Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is a day of which Spend this whole day with your loved one to make them feel special. Feels a special day to spend whole day with wife and boyfriends/girlfriends to goes some place to enjoy to celebrate it well.


This seven day the valentine’s day will be started to spend with them. Even as this world wide side of northern people will be celebrate this. If you were plan something under this day i will clear explain to better to way to understood it well for it. This week will be started tomorrow.

I just mention which day they have do as well as explain also too. Don’t miss it this February week on this time. If you miss never bring go back again in a pervious situation on it.

ICC Men CWC League 2 USA vs Oman

ICC Men CWC League 2 USA vs Oman

ICC Men CWC League 2 USA vs Oman with held february 6 thursday in Tu ground which you can buy a ticket from eSewa to watch that live on there. This is cricket match between two country into our Nepal home ground.

This were live on kathmandu valley city of Nepal which every program will be held on there. Icc men league 2 it will be win by our country. Hope the teams were preparate this game to face to oman country today.

While we can interest to goes that place to see live match into their you should be purchase ticket from esewa apps or you can visit it their to enter from gate side people were sell on their.

USA or Oman will be win this match even the player will be work hard to see to meet with other country also too. Fans lover of cricket will be visit it their. Hope don’t miss this chance with live shows on it.

I just update this article to share this post see this. Even people will don’t know well for to see it. People will be worrier to look into this game on there. Even you can look into tv program also too.

I think they will be update tv program as well on it. Hope you haven’t miss it. This game will be started at moring time 9am. Don’t miss to forget to watch out this meet with oman cricket match it their.

This is the topest game shows to run it out. Both of teams were too much strong to win this game. Even i haven’t look yet any program match to see it. But i think both are strong one.

Better go knowledge to seen this game over on that place to see it. Both are well-know each other teams on it. From my side all the best wishes.