How to change a Polisher jali

How to change a Polisher jali

How to change a Polisher jali which you find on machinery part of rice mill place of valley side. Simple will be explain to you here clear way to explain it here. Sometimes i will make of lot of rice have make it jam on machinery of polisher machinery.

Step by Step How to change a Polisher jaliĀ 

  1. Just open with help of tools
  2. Just open the infront of natabholtu
  3. Open three natabholtu with help of tools
  4. After you open this three natabholtu
  5. Just open the ring big heavy item
  6. Then you can find a circle of jali put inside on it.
  7. Open it that with help of tools and hand also be forced to open it.
  8. Then you loose a nat with small nat will be seen it with held tools
  9. Then you pull back it with secudriver and one hand to make hit it there
  10. Jali will be open it.
  11. Then you can replace with next change on it.

Hope is the simple step which i share to you here which you have clearly understood on this step on it. Some of words were difficult to clear understood to you here. Even i search on google help but i haven’t that meaning words to share here. Below a image you can seen a tools and simple to change to jali on it.

This is very simple way of change it. Normal people also be change it. Hope it will be helpful to all viewer people also too.

4G reached all the districts

4G reached all the districts

4G reached all the districts with Nepal Telecom will make it plan to large area to cover this system whole country. Since 2073 b.s the Telecom will be start this project to become success to make people improvement to upgrade different location of Nepal.

With the forgery connection and testing completed on Tuesday at Humla headquarters, Simikot, its access has been expanded to key locations in 77 districts of the country. The Gorkha informed today that it had extended its access as per the agreement to extend the service to the country within one year from Magh 20.

This is also news of happiness to all Nepalese. If Nepal Telecom does it now, there is hope. Now in the coming days, donor packs will have to be improvised somewhere. Perhaps the company is doing this slowly. It has been reported that people have been taking Ace service in the village.

It has been three years since it started, in the village village it is now thought to reach all the districts. I was also happy about this, as people were saying for four ji Four ji. After all, even third party people can access the Internet from their mobiles.

Hope people will be happy to used on village and rural area side to used it 4G into a mobile device as well on it. People will not used another Sim to used who purposed used for internet into mobile device. It better used cheap rate of data pack will purchase it.

Baaghi 3 Poster Release Out

Baaghi 3 Poster Release Out

Baaghi 3 Poster Release Out Upcoming movies into Cinemas Hall. This poster were release on 2 days which tiger shroff mention into official facebook page. Even i also to excited to share this poster into my website to all viewer friends also too.

In this film cast role we have seen this name Tiger Shroff, Riteish Deshmukh and Shraddha Kapoor. This three acotor will be seen this film. Even i seen a release date of this film on 2020, march 6 date to fixed it.

There has been another heal in the movie of Alley. We have another new guy in the movie see it. The old Actor has returned. The film may have brought new Actor again. If you poster on your film, then you might be on social media.

I also saw the poster two days ago. Today I am sharing this in my blog post. This poster is awesome. In the coming days, if the film is rally, then some people may have wondered what kind of comment it would be. Tomorrow this movie is going to be filmed. You may wish.

When I look at Facebook Page, it is said that tomorrow’s movie trailer is released. Now I’ll share that link too. You may want to look at what the trailer is like. Thriller is also good. Now the harem is in the trailer. The same people who are seen in the trailer are commenting.


ICC Men CWC League 2 Nepal vs Oman

ICC Men CWC League 2 Nepal vs Oman

ICC Men CWC League 2 Nepal vs Oman with held february 5 wednesday in Tu ground which you can buy a ticket from eSewa to watch that live on there. This is cricket match between two country into our Nepal home ground.

This were live on kathmandu valley city of Nepal which every program will be held on there. Icc men league 2 it will be win by our country. Hope the teams were preparate this game to face to oman country today.

While we can interest to goes that place to see live match into their you should be purchase ticket from esewa apps or you can visit it their to enter from gate side people were sell on their.

Nepal will be win this match even the player will be work hard to see to meet with other country also too. Fans lover of cricket will be visit it their. Hope don’t miss this chance with live shows on it.

I just update this article to share this post see this. Even people will don’t know well for to see it. People will be worrier to look into this game on there. Even you can look into tv program also too.

I think they will be update tv program as well on it. Hope you haven’t miss it. This game will be started at moring time 9am. Don’t miss to forget to watch out this meet with oman cricket match it their.