Kamal And Radhika Rice Mill

Kamal And Radhika Rice Mill

Kamal And Radhika Rice Mill is located pokhara 26, himchuli chowk to finding this rice mill. Since there only started for 1year run this business to satisfy all customer on it. Since long time i have been share this rice mill on that located to share to viewer friends on it.

There is some problem happen to goes that place which me and my father were working on it well for it there. During at 2pm we had reach that location to make a machinery problem on it. It take a time to fixed a machinery to solve it.

It is only to cut down the wealth, the orphans of the excavators in the empty mill. And you know the whole service is great. If you look at the photo I gave you, then you can go and look at the empty mill, if you have a layer, you can try it.

This is towards Lekhnath. You are about to go in the inner direction of the Budibazar. The new airport is called from There. The place is a lot of fun, but also quite bored. But the heat is quite hot in the place of there. That’s Ricky Mill Alley’s gone. People also go to get their rice.

In the beginning, Take was not the best level and All knows everything. That’s how the machinery’s have gone. The punishment is taking a small job we have in that place. I also posted on my blog that I was a guest.

Yesterday i visit ward no 13 pokhara office

Yesterday i visit ward No 13 pokhara office

Yesterday i visit ward no 13 pokhara office to work happen to goes that office. During at 11am at moring time we have going that place to moves their. Even we have land on ward no 13 to make a house over on that place. Ward means which people make a problem to raise on ward office. It means i will be help to slove government office look on it.

We have going that 11am on there for visit. I see surround were good to see it. There is alot of area they have handle it. All of data will be submit follow the rule and regulation under there. System must be follow it their.

If you have a citizenship card you needs to go to ward office to make prepare agreement with ward head chief chairman to signature on it. Many work happen to see it there.

Office will be open 10am-5pm every sunday to friday. Just we have wait for a paper to submit with enginer over to make a notice to make a new house into that ward under place. But enginer haven’t look into he were went go outside for his work. Even we wait late more then a hour to spend it there.

Even my paper isn’t sent from srijanachowk to drawing of house design on instution i call it them. Person will be bring it there. One more mistake to see it again back that office to correct it. Whole day i spend on it their.

One sub-enginer of female were there she look into there paper she told to my father were is your number of your land on house design. That things tell to my. Even ask to instution person as also too clear i see it that number.

Yesterday spend it there. We can come back own home work isn’t it there. Thats main things i have visit it there. Only one work to make that work on that office to go. Hope it you will be understood it well.

Have you watch Kapil Sharma Show

Have you watch Kapil Sharma Show

Have you watch Kapil Sharma Show in Sony Tv every weekend saturday and sunday at 9:30pm at indian time. This is second season have run it out. Since pervious well matter then this season. He is one of famous comedian actor in India.

He have a member of group to run this show at Tv. Since he have cross the 100 episode on 1 year. This have start on 2019 on Sony Tv . Which sony Tv manager have access to run this program as we to run it. Even the people have love and suport to them as well.

Since i also miss a shows while this shows stop on pervious. He have also start a new Shows on Tv it might be run upto two three episode to run. Most people araise a question on social media side to share it. Due to some case happen to kapil sharma during that time. This case will be fine and that shows were stop it.

Nowadays people to shows of season 2 which every weekend celebraties were come in. They have promote film and his start journey to move on to share on it. But nowadays you can seen on youtube channel for his missed a episode on there.

Laugher is best medicine into your health also. So many people inspire to free from their disease which have comment to kapil sharma. Even i haven’t explain anymore to mention member leader name under this season as well it.

But you know everythings well for it. Day by day show goes on hit to target whole Indian television to look it. Such of amazing article i got share to you have you watch the kapil sharma shows to create a title to explain it here.

Sometimes i also watch it out this shows on video on Youtube. I really too much laugh while he speak much more fast to see it. Different of member will be share to laugh with audition as a live shows on there. Hope you all make it support it this season 2 .