Apple launches inexpensive mobile test product

Apple launches inexpensive mobile test product

Apple launches inexpensive mobile test product has begun production of smartphones such as the iPhone 9. The smartphone was launched in the third week of February by the company, which is preparing to make the smartphone public.

The company is expected to bring in a new smartphone, iPhone Nine, to eliminate its absence. Now the company may have made a profit of itself. Now if the iPhone comes cheap then why not buy the bird in the market? The company is in the throes of how much its market is worth. And how much is cheap to buy from people.

Now if the iPhone is baked on the cheap night in the market, then there is the Compare with other smart phones. The company has deliberately sought to transform its product into a marketplace. There are no more mobile phones like the iPhone. But other companies do well with brands. Tessa also gets ahead in other corner matters.

Coming on the cheap nights in the market The company will talk about its deal on iPhone. And that’s about it. You can buy according to your own ideas. Now, if there is a new market to take, then there is hope among all the people.

Teams will launch it soon to bring market rate value to to update all. There were bring awesome and nice feature to upgrade have to see it. First company will be test a product and analysis itself on it. They will be launch it.


My Saturday blog Story Part 2

My Saturday blog Story Part 2

My Saturday blog Story Part 2 which my life related blog to start from moring to evening. You can see my blog story part 2 as new creative things. I wake up early at 7am at Moring time which i haven’t any work  to do it. My Saturday make more fun and interest to spends a time goes on it. Blog story means which i doing it daily activities to update it.

After i wake up i goes to kitchen room to wash my face over there then you i take a tea and also take a hot water for drink it daily on Moring time. After then i goes own toilet for a long. After then i goes towards own bed room to checking a things a new post over it their.

I just  finding a post which people will be update to see it. But yesterday is day of February month which i create own style to share to update into my website there. The post viewer also be increase it. After finesh it that i going to own kitchen room for dinner time at 10am. Since yesterday moring weather is bad for see it.

All most cover by cloud into a sky. I goes for few minutes on outside from home. Again come back own home. After i take dinner i goes on room to shit there. Even my mother calling to outside were raise a sun to see it. I goes their up flow of my home to shit on sun. Sun take feels shit there. Even i download movie of hindi  into my mobile phone also too.

Even i look film as well as youtube channel also too which mother also look into Video on  Youtube also there. After past on afternoon time sun might change it cloudy were cover it on sky. Then go back own room to shit there. That my whole day past it. At evening time i watch a dance plus 5 to spend a time over there.


Even i write own memo into my mobile device to write an article for update a dance plus 5 happen on live tv shows over it there. I take much more long article to read it out on it Even you can seen this link for post  Pervious season artist come dance plus 5 for more info to share it their. After i look into tv and also write a article over there. After going to bed room i make photo to edit there.

That my blog of Saturday will be ended it. Hope you will be read out this interest article to share your friends also too.


How to sent email from Gmail Account

How to sent email from Gmail Account

How to sent email from Gmail Account you can create an Account from your email ID And Password for Login. Gmail is the feature to run any business purposed as well on it. Nowadays we needs Gmail Account for using any product to buy into online store and many more things.

Step by Step How to sent email from Gmail Account

  1. Go to this link
  2. You can sigin your account.
  3. After you click on sigin then you can type your Email ID And Password.
  4. After you type that then you can click on login button.
  5. After your page will be open it.
  6. You can seen on left hand side to see a compose option to click it.
  7. After you click it that you can see a box into on right hand side from your desktop bar.
  8. Then you can your friends Email ID , Subject and Message to write on third column.
  9. After you finesh it that you must sent option for sending Email to your Friends
  10. Your friends will be seen on inbox message to check it.

This is step to follow up to sent email to your friends, family and office purpose to send it. From gmail you can also sent your document, photo and many more feature to sent with them. Its take only 5minutes to sent an email.

Gmail is most important things to for used. Don’t share a password to your friends also too. From Gmail you can install apps into your android  phone also too. That why needs very much useful and important for us.

Pervious season artist come dance plus 5

Pervious season artist come dance plus 5

Pervious season artist come dance plus 5 which they have come today. They have support those four judges to support to them. Pervious season come sushant kc,amardeep singh natt, Chetan Salu and Vartika  Jha will come this dance plus season5 which remo were invited with them today.

Teams punit talaent were dance performance on stage with god of ganesh songs. They are doing were awesome and nice to see it. Punit were stand of clap to them from his chair. Remo sir give them good comment on it. Give a score also too. Sangita and sujit were dance performance on it.

Punit tell to audition don’t they dance to them. Sangita tell to remo sir. Remo respect with god of ganesh to workship into heart also to. Sangita give to remo a ganesh murti to him.

Ragav make it some fun to all people on it. Teams dharmas nirtiya kala kandar were dance on stage right now also to. They have make it fun dancing to enterainment to all.

This time they have funny dancing to laugh to see on her dance on stage. All people want to make once more and once more dance again. Punit will her teams sometimes take a laugh on dance also too.

Remo well comment all full dance were laugh it. He give good and congratulation also too teams also too. He give also score as well it. Teams karisma dancer will performed with candy boy have dance it. They have peformed on shiva songs related.

Remo sir comment right now with candy boys. Some he isn’t satisfy with dancer on it. He give score also to them as well it. He tell to them better try next more better on today dance. Teams suresh dance the ace will be performed stage right now.

Just a spread of love songs they have dance it right now. Ragav tell to dharmas what have to see this dance to you. He tell comment to them feels touch able to see it. Remo sir tell to him comment. They have disconnect to have his dancer on it. He give also score on it of candy boys.

Ragav call to remo on stage to performed on stage with funny dance with them. Ragav make a remo wife image insert on face to dance with remo. Too much funny dance of ragav.

Teams dharmas again dancer come on stage to perfomed on it. He name is rupesh and he was dance on stage. Emotional songs he have dance on it. So pretty and awesome dance with close a eye performed to see first to seen it.

Remo give comment with rupesh dance well perfomed it. This is unbelieave dance to see it for this season. Remo give hand up to all teams judges on it. Remo give double plus to rupesh. Pervious week he have performed his dance.

Rest of four artist make it one dance on stage as remo request to him and her also too. This four dancer well awesome and great to see it. Remo tell to him while descripation to all. If have continue more dance i will be make more film to dance it make it help to us. Amardeep share to his mother happen on hospital.

He thanks for dance plus from amardeep while he faced on this situation. Even one nurse tell you have seen on dance plus she cut 6month for treatment she make one month to start to check up of amardeep mother.

First battle with teams bonus battle round as remo will discuss who will be to win this battle. Now bhim were dance right now. He dance with nice songs to performed. Janam group were dance on stage on it. He have win this battle this round on as remo challenge.

Second battle from teams karisma and suresh will name is drohon brother and dipaka-rupesh dance on this battle on it. Both of them were doing awesome and nice to see it well. Both of them are interest battle to see it. Dipaka-rupesh were win this battle round to win this double plus score.

Third battle with between contestant to performed it. Nirtya kala and creative dance group but i confused name of group they have dance it stage. Both of them were nice and amazing dancing to see it. This battle both of them. This cannot image on it.

To be continued on next blog. Hope it will be update it soon as possible on it. Keep vote those contestant the vote line were open it now. Keep support to them on it.