How to Start your Bike and Scotor

How to Start your Bike and Scotor

How to Start your Bike and Scotor simple you have key to starting your bike and scotor as well on it. Key is most important to start. You can finding key to used to insert into their. Start your bike and scotor it you needs know it first.

Here step by step to start your bike and scotor

  1. First you can take a key
  2. Go to your bike and scotor to insert to key infornt it.
  3. Pull it turn to right key to take hand  do it.
  4. After you can find to your infornt of  your bike and scotor to open menu.
  5. After you can take both hand on bike and scotor to start with self.
  6. Right hand you have see a self button to press it.
  7. You can press it thumb finger and make it left hand bike to pull it little
  8. Your bike and scotor will be started it.
  9. On bike you needs make into a gayer in newton to start a bike
  10. Then you start your bike.


One things you can also remember it that you must be look into from scotor first on it. Just make self button and start it there it will run started it. For bike you make to change gayer in bike. This things you can also remember on it.

This tips of step you will be understood it well for it. If any confusing on this article on it. This tips may be helpful to all people. First a new people will be teach you better to know it. This things should be know it well for it. This is feature which explain in proper way to explain to you here.

My experience to ride on Wego Tvs

My experience to ride on Wego Tvs

My experience to ride on Wego Tvs which 3years i have test own experience on it. Tvs Wego is a company of auto motor which have manufactured. This company were made in India. Wego is the branded of scotor to compare with other scotor also too. This is heavy metal body full. Even the you can also be explain with feature on below on it.

Features of Tvs Wego

  • Its body will full metal cover
  • It power to shit and hand
  • It have shelf key buttons to start
  • It also kick to start buttons to start
  • You can take your helmet into you inside on it.
  • You can also charger your mobile
  • In front you can used supply your material to take it there

This are feature of tvs wego which i have own idea to you share on it. It is very heavy on it. While you start your scotor its sound were too much good and nice to used. When you can go somewhere else to make it pickup with person also too. Heavy item of product will gives us pickup on it.

You can also be maintain servicing on time which you can change your mobil on time. First time you can buy it you should be change in correct mention which teams service department tell to you. Since 3years i have alot of experience to share to you.

It is also very good in Scotor, and I can carry it everywhere. I carry a lot of honor. This wallet is also easy to get inside. And it goes on in the off-road too.

The big cat upstairs gives you a pitchfork on the way too. That’s what I like about S’s. I have healed many of the same things as AI. I also have a lot of layers to know which ones are which. For the bird itself, everything is layered.

Do your best in service Time and as much as service on Time, it will be  a good. If there is a scotor, it is not going to ruin everything. If you do, then fast.

You should run well on highway when you read. And you have to walk straight up the hill to yourself. Because there is a lot of chance to be overwhelmed. You don’t go too fast.

Today i Feels lonely and Alone

Today i Feels lonely and Alone

Today i Feels lonely and Alone which sometimes i try to make goes with different to refresh  mind as control itself on it. Feels lonely and alone to be fresh with myself to remember memory think into my mind to be remove it. I try to much lonely while my pan and my think will be failed it out. Before i got plan to move on it.

Plan make goes wrong direction to change it out when i think into my mind. Sometimes it happen to situation affect own brain cannot control while which i’m doing which i cannot do it. While you can see on photo i feels gillti feels on it. Even ask ,” what happen  with myself and what cannot be success on it”. This things make much more explain happen to thinking in mind.

I like to think about myself when that happens. It also has the same fills as the fund. I also thought that it would be free from fail for the rest of my life. I’ve been thinking about when I am a member. Some tasks are thought too long. I’ve been wondering why that might not be the case.

I would like to sue her even if she was abused, because I have such an injury in my heart. I do not like to speak at that time. Yesterday, there was a dispute over the small matter with the sister because the sister is abroad but she is in the bag.

Thinking of coming home, but like the owner of a company that has a thief opinion, he should hurry. Ticket has a one month left after. There was very angry with me. But who cares about the people of another country. They didn’t say anything.

This was the big thing in my heart. Life is such an opinion that I am surprised to hear that moment. If you feel hurt, then it is bad to do so. Even if people are mistreated, they have a small heart and they are coming to tears soon.

I had a similar problem. I had never wanted to speak to anyone since yesterday. And anything else would have been nice to be angry with. I feel like there is nothing to be said. I think I have the opinion that the  feels will be felling as I have today.

Day out of Saturday Weather of Pokhara

Day out of Saturday Weather of Pokhara

Day out of Saturday Weather of Pokhara today February 1, 2020 its seems very much high cold to see it outside. Even i walk around the home side to see it. But weather happen to goes to rainfall on it. Sky will be cover by cloud of hanging on there. If the weather will good it will  be looks sun raise over in the sky side.

Day out of saturday weather blog update to you which my area have face this condition to see it. Nowadays it happen to faced it this situation to all whole part of Nepal. Pokhara is a place were it can be weather can’t fixed it well for it.

This is what happened today on the seventh day. You may have seen this happen somewhere. When will we leave this winter? In the morning, it is a day like this. And slowly I like to sleep. One day it is sunny and then two days the birds are like this.

I’ve also been talking about the S many times. Because we also have layers. Today is the day. During the day, I like to sleep at home and often like to blog my blogs.

These posts are great and the most important thinkers are yes. I’m also about my own place. It’s been like this in my place today. It seems to be happening everywhere. How do you hear about this weather?

Welcome to February month

Welcome to February month

Welcome to February month to all. This is the second month of the every year which upto 28,29 days will be remember on it. Such a month its happen to see it. Even this month have spread of love to share own wife and lovers to give a suprise with different days.

There is 14days is going to celebrate as valentine day to spread of love. This 14days were be celebrated on northern part of people will be celebrate it. Since there have a one story to explain it make more larger on it. It might be give a short way to clear it.

People have remember this month to moves on their own life status to share. Even i have seen alot of image were they have shared it. Even i also remember during 14days there is also a friendship day happen on this month.

From this valentine day our country Nepali people have also be celebrate it as well. Even husband and wife also be celebrate it well. I’m really shock those small children also make it love with their girl friends to give a purpose to her.

But my case there isn’t anyone into my life which i haven’t celebrate this. But i didn’t like to share of them it. Even this happen goes to only girl on it. They have own suprise and feels to share to his boy friends as well it. Now a day will start of month make to welcome it.

I just make to welcome a february month whole over the world wide to sending a message to check it out this post to read it. If anythings else happen under this month i will be update to you.

Armaan Malik come in Nepal

Armaan Malik come in Nepal

Armaan Malik come in Nepal in this February 1, 2020 on saturday live concert with Nepali People to be performance on Kathmandu thamel. He is the first live concert into the Nepal. He were too much excited to come in Nepal.

Allot of Fans were also going it their. You can also be purchase a ticket from our partner Merchants eSewa. It will be live concert at evening it might be. I’m also no sure under this case. But i know only he were come in Nepal.

Allot of Fans will be seen on the stage to see love and suport to him. I really thanks you whole those who have invited indian singer to come in live shows in the stage. He were too much excited to see Nepalese fans people to love him.

But i’m from city of pokhara i’m unable to see his live concert in a real one. I will be watch it out through youtube video to see it. This message will be share all people who haven’t listen it.

He had already preparate mind to visit a Nepal. As he has international live shows also be travel it that. He very much collect fans based into his social media side. His love were too much soft and touchable voice to be listen it well.

Some of singing of his songs were much heartbeat into myselft while listen it. This is his first memory journeu ahead to see in a live shows on febuary 1. His will welcome to our Nepal and welcome to visit it. First ever i haven’t listen it as arman malik were come in Nepal to his concert in a live.

All people of Nepali will be visit it their and meet with him a real lives shows on there. If you have going it there
Please share us with photo under below also too.