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Tourists started to grow in Lamjung

Tourists started to grow in Lamjung in Purankot Home Steam. Purnekot Home Stake increased the number of tourists this year after arranging a free stall for Home Stay for promotion of tourism, said Kanya Kashi Gurung, president of Purankot Home Stage.

Most people go to Lamjung. Because that is the Tourist Aria. Tourists coming to Nepal are going to Lamjung. You have to learn new things with the people. The Tourists are too big, too. Now one or two more are coming.

Tourists also visit the mountains to see the mountains and what is the environment of There, and also how the people of There. That’s what is coming up in the day. If most tourists come, then it is a good idea for the party people to open the hotel and talk about it. The government of Nepal should do something for that too.

If you just give people the best of money, then what do you do with your money? That would make the hotel even better. There are also plenty of tourists visiting the place, including the Tourists in the year of Alley. In the first year, many Tourist’s had not come.

If you give a good service to the tourist, the Tourist has his own help, but nowadays the Tourist is lobbying. Because the Nepalese are so clever, it is said by the Tourist. The tourist spends his or her money to roam the fun place. They are used to work in the country for months, while the money is spent traveling.

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