E-sewa and services like 'Facebook Pay'

E-sewa and services like ‘Facebook Pay’

E-sewa and services like ‘Facebook Pay’.This payment solution is a good idea for me in the US and I have decided to go bankrupt now. Now launching it may be that Facebook Teams in the United States now plans to do so. Facebook has launched this service in view of the growing market for digital payments.Facebook has been launched in Messenger and Facebook in the US. If so, it is said to be making it world-wide.According to Facebook, the service was launched in the first phase through Facebook, Messenger, but will be available on Instagram and WhatsApp in the coming days.All Nepalese do not hurt if they can be accommodated in a service like Facebook P. I also do not have such pain and if I do such service in Nepal, I will be able to get myself in Facebook and it will be easier to load the money myself from the bank. Now not only that, all the whales have to do on the World Wide Day. Our country in Nepal does not allow such a system to be done by the government and if that is the case then we should put money in another country and find ourselves.
This is something we should all do in Nepali. Now you have to say that in Nepali and the Nepalese government has to wonder how many of us are going to be back in Nepal. But the bank has a cheerful term and endorsement. Where do you do that and now. Now is the time of Digital. We have to put all the bankers on the payment systems. Now if Access was able to load the money on those apps then we could load it ourselves to load the money in Facebook.

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