New tyohire mill on Pumdi Kaski

New tyohire mill on pumdi, kaski today. There is new one will be connect on there. One person was held to to run a small business on there. Hope his business will be run as soon as possible it. Now i take photo while prepared to set mill on land flow there. Most of people were look over there mill. New teasers are starting new at Mill Pumdi Kaski. It may even begin in the coming days. Now the saw mill starts the mill and if it does not take many days to set up then it is a week. But now it happens in people’s minds that Calley is getting along. The new business is a must. Now in the coming days it will be easier for the people of Te ha. If there is a mill, then the party people will be doing a little bit. Then there are many people who will bring it. Even if you live in Pumdi, I will be there sooner rather than later. It may take weeks now to get set. And the test party begins with the mill waiting. All may have come but Fixed today Mansion has not. Now it is easy for people to go to Pokhara without having to follow the path. If you are living in Pokhara Pumdi, please be happy to share this post. Mention on below if you needs a contact that person those run this mill over it there. Hope you will be seen it well. 
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