Remittances halved after Corona’s impact

Remittances halved after Corona’s impact

Remittances halved after Corona’s impact About 75.48 billion remittances have been received from last April to mid-April.¬† Of the Rs 5.10 billion received in March last year, only Rs 1.60 billion has been received in April. According to the bank

Banks and financial institutions have collected Rs 83 billion in deposits and invested Rs 22 billion in loans during the period from April to April last year. The Remittances were totally decrease during this whole nation were close as a lockdown effect of whose people didn’t send us money from own home.

According to the central bank, out of the total export of Rs 7.16 billion from April to April, import has been Rs 190 million. In the corresponding period of the previous year, exports stood at Rs. 7.31 billion and imports at Rs. 229.03 billion.

There is a lost of decrease infect of Nepal country which the people will increase the number of banks will increase into their bank. There is no interest happen to see on Bank there is less amount of people will bring money for deposits from a whole nation of the country. Since gulf country those who go work for a country to send money from Nepal side.

Some of the people haven’t money for using to save their life during the bank will be close every day it will increase most of the people were working during this lockdown. Whole nation Remittances goes loss to seen of last month as well as today date also.

We used to have money and the bank was open and easy and the money was in the bank. And businesses are not running. There is not much money in the bank. And there are a lot of bank staff who don’t work and those who work go to work in the bank because they feel their corona. And for the same reason, remittances have incurred huge losses


Today I Visit Lamachaur with Work

Today I Visit Lamachaur with Work

Today I Visit Lamachaur with Work during this lockdown we going to move from Simpani to Lamachaur place since at moring time at 7am. It is urgent for going from my Scooter at moring which we discuss from we goest that place. Unfortunate we are unable to go that on yesterday evening time. At the morning time, we have arrived that place.

We cross from there is a check of police were stay on bridge area side. H asks with where from you coming from he said like that much we are coming from Simpani place to move forward to Lamachaur place for working with there. Then he said you maybe go it and move forward it. We move forward to that place for going on it.

Near the main chowk of Lamachaur place, there is seen on police arrived over there. There is a lot of people were Romain on it there. Some of them were going for their work to stay on the market side. We enter the Baniya rice mill on Lamachaur place which there is problem on hussar machinery.

We open the machinery for working on it there. They’re one of worker we stay on there. There is no eletricity under that place which light came and light will go down. Then I call to NEA office phone call via from phone. Then they replied it will become within 30 minutes we are working on it. Few minutes it will become on light further checking that machinery.

After we check it out that current line with part of the start button. We fixed it that line as current situation on it. Then we go move forward market to bring a some machinery part then again police ask a question again on there. We enter on Pokhara and move forwards at the same place. All things were fine a normal condition it will be works fine it. That much working for Lamachaur place Today.


Government preparing tax the bandwidth of Facebook and YouTube

Government preparing tax the bandwidth of Facebook and YouTube

Government preparing tax the bandwidth of Facebook and YouTube While the issue of taxing advertisements on social media is under discussion, it is seen that the bandwidth of social media can also be taxed. The sub-committee formed under the committee formed to identify and suggest new areas of revenue collection has also suggested taxing the bandwidth spent on social media.

Some of the countries will be making this rule to pay for tax for using their apps for using for this case. It is not good for this right now. Citing the fact that even in a big country like India, Facebook refuses to keep local servers saying that it does not have data security and general data protection regulations for its users.

Such companies do not pay taxes in Nepal even though they have a large income. Therefore, it has been stated that a large amount of tax can be levied by bringing it under the tax net. During this country, they have discussed this virus to update this news for information for you here.

It has happened in many places. And it happens in your country. Other countries have also been affected. And new apps are launched and it’s illegal. And a lot of people from those apps have a bad effect. And Tiktok and YouTube and Facebook are all free in this country.

It’s not free at all in the country. Now, if your tax to pay, the bird will growl. Normal people will have their business hours. And this is how the government will oppress us. This is the first time I’ve heard of it. And you’ve probably heard of the News. And I have also listened and rehearsed how it is worn

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Corona infection in 90 more people in Nepal

Corona infection in 90 more people in Nepal

Corona infection in 90 more people in Nepal Spokesperson of the Ministry of Health and Population Dr According to Vikas Devkota, 35 people tested positive at the National Public Health Laboratory, Teku. Seven men and one woman of Gaur Municipality have been infected. They are in the age group of 4 to 40 years.

A 22-year-old man in Rajdevi Municipality and a 24-year-old man in Gadura Municipality have been infected. One of the infected is a two-year-old girl and the others are between 19 and 55 years old.

A 22-year-old man from Nepalgunj Sub-Metropolis-2, a 20-year-old man from Daduwa-1, a 21-year-old and a 36-year-old man from Daduwa-2, a 46-year-old man from Rapti Sonari-3 and a 38-year-old man from Rapti Sonari-9 were examined at Bheri Hospital. The infection was found in a man and a 30-year-old man of Baijnath-3

Still today up this news for may 26, 2020 update of Nepal which teams updated this information for an update for you here. Some of the point of which I note it out this for an update for you here. Still, the people will be updating this news for this news. I’m really for this news for this.

Teams were working on this news for an update for you. It will make us much more dangerous for zone. They were will be updating this news for the update. Department of people will search the people will track it out people. People will safe from own hospital still they have safe for this news.

This corona has caused quite a stir. Now the country in Nepal may not be what it used to be. And there is a great commotion in your place. There is still a lot going on in Nepal.

Rainfall in Batulechaur Pokhara Today

Rainfall in Batulechaur Pokhara Today

Rainfall in Batulechaur Pokhara Today at day time on 3pm which there is heavy rainfall over it there. Some of part was the slow-motion of rainfall in Pokhara side. When I come from my scooter from Arba place moves that place which I capture an image under this place over it there. Some of the people were problem under this machinery part today I feel I really so much cold myself on it.

We arrived near at 3pm at Nepali time which I create a new post for you here mention on it. Some of the place we spent with rainfall on summer season. I feel too much cold myself and while the move from scooter side I feel like it that could feel on it. We arrived that place at during time over that place then I will be sharing this post for you here. Some of the places of weather aren’t good during this lockdown period.

Machinery had a small job and it was easy and while talking to the wife here, another one said that our father had talked to the person when Tesco Buda’s sister went for tea. That was all there was to it and I have never had a buddy like that. People do things for their selfies. And we don’t have to be angry when we are angry. And we have to do the same.

And the water was too big and I had to work hard today. Today I went straight to Baba. And I haven’t been able to sleep since morning. You have to think that today is a very good day. And because of the water, we had a lot of fun. And nobody I not Hide was not in the rod. And it was easy. I was wondering if Police would not check because of the water. And when it rained, I cried for you.

First successful corona vaccine trial in China

First successful corona vaccine trial in China

First successful corona vaccine trial in China In the first phase, the effects of the vaccine were studied for 28 days. Tests have shown that the vaccine is safe and can develop resistance in humans to fight the coronavirus. No serious response was reported during the trial. The second phase of the vaccine will be tested on 508 people.

The vaccine was developed by researchers working in various laboratories in China. It was led by Chen Wei, a professor at the Academy of Military Medical Sciences and a member of the Chinese Academy of Engineering. Still, teams were long for the journey to testing their lap test for a human being.

This is the first step which china company will solve this problem whose starting from China country of Coronavirus. People were checking it out the week for a person to make a vaccine process to success on it. Last Friday the results published in the scientific research journal Lancet, the first phase of human testing of this vaccine made by a Chinese company has shown positive results.

China has done what it can to save the country. Now there is hope that something new will be done in the country and you have also seen it. This is also good news for all Nepali. Because of this corona, our lives have been ruined. Now the people of China are working for Corona and the people were also checked.

Birds are also demanded by other countries. And we Nepalis will also be sent, now it will come to the rescue, maybe it has already been suggested. This is good news for everyone. And if you hear the news, you will still be happy.


The number of infected has exceeded 600 in Nepal

The number of infected has exceeded 600 in Nepal

The number of infected has exceeded 600 in Nepal Spokesperson of the Ministry of Health and Population Dr According to Vikas Devkota announce the update the report of cases of Corona. Today Morang, Rautahat, Rupendehi, Kathmandu etc this place were coming the report of Sunday Jestha 11, 2077 B.S. Minimum age is 69, 31, 32, 35, 37,52, 23, 30, 40, 50,25,34, 60, 48 etc report of Corona infected.

Total cases of today will report it out this Corona. But today actually didn’t fix it update to mention with you here. Still cross hundred and hundred cross to touch into the thousand cases in Nepal. Still, teams were checking it out their report will be reported will be update tomorrow.

Still, we faced it out this virus from our country Nepal. The government were trying to solve it out care about cases people then they will track it out through different source reaction form police. Those people of Nepali who fight with this Coronavirus. We all Nepali were the strong fight against this Covid-19.

People were breaking out this rule and regulation which the government will make it action throw person immediately. Corona case will be increased with a number of amount of person will be seen between from age 6 above people we have to listen it out this news. Unkown or uneducated person they didn’t know what is Coronavirus is it?

They will be asked like this question mark with other people. Rest of case people health condition as a normal way in the different hospital department further safe their life care. I will be praying with them those who added a new Corona people. Don’t worry about it the doctor will help it out for your save life.


Travel Vlogs With Friends

Travel Vlogs With Friends

Travel Vlogs With Friends were we just plan to go someplace of Arba Vijaya place side of beautiful hills and forest area. There are 8 people gathering move from Morepani-13, Pokhara we move from that place. After eating a good from there. Then we move there going towards the forest area. To enjoy and make it refresh fun with them.

As a human being, we need to walk here and there from your nearest forest to bring search with enjoying a forest which wildlife was living under this forest. Friends making listen to music with a small loudspeaker on speaker volume which we carry own hand. I just remember those school life memories while moving with them.

They are working under my new house staff which they have  a holiday for those days. They have planed to going up the hillside which seen a beautiful range of valley of hills over to relax with them there. We move on roadside one of person were asking with us. Why you move on a group with friends he tells us. We cannot speak anymore with that person.

Some friends were Magar cast and some were Bramin cast were we join with the fun new place. When you goest unknown place it’s really awesome and amazing to see yourself on it. Try to feel a with enjoyful with friends for that time. Only 3 hours we spend with days on it. We meet with another house which under only one or two house around on it near from forest area.

I also like to hang out with Jesus brothers and have fun. And I was very upset that day. The walk was also very upset. In any case, you have to hit. And if it is not, then the bird will be a little bit. And it’s easy for your body to go out with friends. And it was fun to walk around all day. But I have a very strong opinion that the same people are not interested in hitting Slove.

There is an opinion that it is fun to hang out with friends, but there is an opinion that friends will be more in the group. And they have an opinion from the village and speak the language of the village. And it was fun. And Bell’s bedtime was also fun. Then I came home and took a bath.

I like this kind of people when they are friends and even if one of them is a friend, it is fun and easy. It is an opinion that if you do it together, the birds will be happy. It is located on the sidelines of Pokhara and Arba is the place. The river has also gone straight. This day I put the bird on my website is also easy.

What is your Blog Story on Website

What is your Blog Story on Website

What is your Blog Story on Website is the platform where you can free type your story under related under mention website through your story. The story is the one of telling description under related into your life, friends, family, love, travel and many more story you can create it. There is a long story between me where I can explain it there. Due to some technical case behind with telling on Story.

If the person who told your activities to mention your story script to share all people on social media. Under this website, I just explain under why I choose a starting blogging my website with related is own name website to sharing or updating mine feels idea for you. Before I think about the search for website making free written an article through the website.

Then I find a cheap and costly price in Nepal. But there is best and good cheap rate hosting for WordPress is good for the blog to start journey share moment in my life. There is a lot of hosting company were available. Then choose Himalayan hosting Pvt ltd to buy a domain name and hosting for annually price rate.

Everythings did then I need to apply for AdSense apply to start to earn money from there. I make violent rule and regulation of Adsense to apply it. Then I confirm knowing all those things to start to earn money from there. When you starting point we need to learn more and more things will be added to the website improvement.

Still, this website makes ma bring a lot of feature of the comment of the viewer which they can be seen under my post to good information on it. My Story is that while start on Website. Even world people will be looks into my post and my life activities will mention to update it here.

Some of the case I have face it out and somethings were I doing a mistake for starting point view start a blog through the website. My target is to start to earn money from Adsense then people will be joined with us. I’m still continuing my processing to update post to share related with to you.

I will be continue storytelling under the category blog post will be the upcoming day for you. I mentioned the date and time for you which you must like it. Main things I include it on the above paragraph to give any tips for you all.

How to use Promo Code on Eid2020 on Mobile Topup

How to use Promo Code on Eid2020 on Mobile Topup

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